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The Value of a Physics Education

Barbara Torres

Studying physics taught me to be a problem solver. I have found this to be true for the other physicists with whom I have worked. It's a way of looking at a situation that allows me to organize my thoughts, collect pertinent information, identify the steps to take, follow those steps, and make adjustments as the information leads me to a solution. This is true for more than just the solution of problems in physics. In the years since my education in physics at UNM I have been able to accomplish many things both directly and indirectly as a result of what I learned. This is one of the reasons that I contribute my time and energies to education, and science education in particular.

-- Barbara Torres, UNM Physics BS & MS, 1963-72

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The UNM Department of Physics & Astronomy and its various Centers and Institutes conduct research across a broad spectrum, including several interdisciplinary efforts. Its research is funded by many of the well-known national agencies. Faculty members collaborate extensively with colleagues from other academic institutions around the world, as well as with national labs and local industries. The department maintains a large graduate student program, and offers its undergraduate majors research opportunities as well.

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Our annual prize for the best graduating senior

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Our annual prize for the best Teaching Assistant

Astronomy Program Fund

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New Campus Observatory: Planning Phase

We're planning to replace the existing campus observatory with a new, state-of-the-art facility

New Campus Observatory Construction

Once we have decided on the new location and the design, construction on the campus observatory will commence

Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science Support Fund (PAÍS)

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Carlton M. Caves CQuIC Scholarship Fund

Established to honor Prof. Carl Caves, a fund to support students in Quantum Information Science

CQuIC Events Fund

Support events that showcase Quantum Information Science in the department

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