2019 Physics Day

The 3rd Annual 2019 Physics Day on Saturday, April 13 was UNM Physics and Astronomy Department's research student poster, presentation, and lab tour day. All photos by Assistant Professor Alejandro Manjavacas

2019 Physics Day Group Photo 1 UNM Physics and Astronomy Dept Chair Rich Rand introduction 2 Keynote Speaker Greg Taylor 3 Eric Putney 4 Dilys Ruan 5 Patrick Brown 6 Ryan Gibbons 7 Gavin Gonzales 8 Lauren Zundel 9 Amy Soudachanh 10 Ryan Stairs 11 Lunch and barrel implosion 12 Lunch and barrel implosion 13 Implosion panorama 14 Lidke Lab Tour 15 Becerra Lab Tour 16 Sheik-Bahae Lab Tour with Alex Albrecht 17 Ryan Hamblin Poster 18 Cameron Zamora poster 19 Gavin Gonzales Poster 20 David Dunlap with Ryan Hamblin 21 Best Poster Winner Gavin Gonzales 22 Best Oral Presentation Winner Lauren Zundel