2019 Fall Demo Night

The following Physics and Astronomy undergraduate students put on an excellent demo show in Regener Hall for a packed audience of about 300! The demos covered a wide range of basic physics concepts and included much audience participation. Pumpkins featured prominently.

  • Eric Putney
  • Dilys Ruan
  • Nik Litza
  • Christine Bennett
  • Cameron Lamar
  • Cameron Zamora
  • Jesus Aguilar
  • Ryan Gibbons
  • Prescott Farley
  • Kylar Greene (grad student)
  • Lauren Zundel (grad student)

Faculty and staff support included Dave Dunlap, Aaron Cross, and Sandra Ortiz.

David Dunlap with PAIS slideshow Dr. Dunlap introducing Society of Physics Students Team 03 Eric Putney reviews Newtons Laws of Motion Use this one, it's bigger Cajoling the audience for a participant Conservation of Momentum shown with a ball on a skateboard An audience member takes a ride on the rocket car Demonstrating angular momentum with a wheel on a rope Demonstrating angular momentum with a spinning chair Demonstrating conservation of energy with a heavy ball 11 Using filters to show light polarization Getting ready for the fiber optics demo Using pumpkins to demonstrate electromagnetic braking A thrilling act of levitation with a superconducting cube Why can't I pull this apart -- there's nothing to stop me Even a team of audience members can't withstand the power of a vacuum