2016 Open House

Prospective graduate students enjoyed a visit to the UNM Physics and Astronomy department at the Open House on Friday and Saturday, March 4 and 5, 2016. Drs Albrecht, Becerra-Chavez, Loomba, Lidke, Miyake, and Taylor guided the group through the Physics building lab facilities and the Long Wavelength Array in Magdalena.

1 Lab tours 2 Dr. Dinesh Loomba in Physics building 3 Dr. Alexander Albrecht conducts a lab tour 4 Dr. Alexander Albrecht conducts a lab tour 5 Dr. Michael Gold conducts a lab tour 6 Dr. Francisco Elohim Becerra-Chavez conducts a lab tour 7 Alisa Gibson helped organize the Open House 8 The Long Wavelength Array 9 Dr. Keith Lidke 10 The Group at the Long Wavelength Array 11 Dr. Akimasa Miyake Group 12 Dr. Greg Taylor Group