2016 Demo Night

March 16, 2016 at Regener Hall. Incredible turnout of 300+ people were enthralled by undergraduate students Nick Huntoon, Lauren Zundel, and Daniel Puentes, graduate students Josh Martin and Hamed Pourbeyram, and faculty David Dunlap and Leandra Boucheron, who conducted physics demos and fielded questions about the department. See the UNM Newsroom article. Thanks to everyone who came!

Demonstrating thrust with basketballs Josh Martin rides the Rocket Car Dr. Boucheron and the torsional wave table Altering wave patterns with sound Lauren Zundel explains magnetism Demostrating magnetic braking Magnetic braking with Nik Huntoon Dr. Boucheron explains magenetism Nik Huntoon demonstrates superconductivity Dr. Boucheron invites the audience to participate in the atmospheric pressure demo Trying to pull apart mini Magdeburg hemispheres Attempting to do what a team of horses couldn't do Pitting atmospheric pressure against human power rocket_car levitation with physics Demonstrating pendulum movement Light trapped in an optical fiber Preparing for the light bending demonstrate Dr. Boucheron and an audience member Dr. Boucheron explains atmospheric pressure Lauren Hundel and Dr. Boucheron prep the atmospheric plate demo Josh Martin and the Newton's Cradle The Giant Newton's cradle Josh Martin and the Giant Newton's Cradle Audience Members and the Giant Newton's Cradle