iClicker FAQs

If you can not read the serial number on your i>clicker, you can do one of the following:

1. If you have registered your i>clicker before, you can go to http://www.iclicker.com/registration/lookup.aspx to find a previous registration with i>clicker.

2. There is an iClicker receiver located at the Physics and Astronomy building, across Lomas, in room 102. You can go there at your convenience and find your serial number by following the directions on the unit.

3. Contact the Arts and Sciences Tech group at ASTechUNM@gmail.com to set up an appointment. They can find your i>clicker serial number by having you click in on the receiver. They are located in the Arts and Sciences Service Center, Ortega Room 260. Phone: 505 277-1037.

Your clicker ID (or remote ID) is a series of 6 or 8 numbers and letters located the back of the remote, just below the i>clicker instructions.

Yes, as long as you are not taking the same class at the same time. Each person must register the iClicker as if it were their own.

i>clicker currently offers two standard registration methods: in-class registration and online (web-based) registration, both of which are free and are easily incorporated into your course. Minimal information is required of your students and both registration options are tied to your class roster. The instructor should select which option he/she will use and notify students accordingly. We are in the process of launching a new registration tool that works with your campus course management system (e.g. Blackboard, Vista, ANGEL, and Moodle). This requires installation of a plug-in/extension by your campus course management administrator. Interested in beta testing the i>clicker integrate solution? Contact support@iclicker.com to learn more.

If you used incorrect information during the Web site registration process, please register again with the correct information.

You only need to register once online for your registration information to apply to all of the classes in which you are using i>clicker. Exception: the one point of possible confusion is if your instructors are using different student IDs to record your grades. Make sure you consult with your professors about the proper student ID required when you register online.

Your student ID is assigned to you by your instructor.

i>clicker offers a standard one-year limited warranty on each new i>clicker remote. If a clicker is defective, the process of returning it will depend upon how you obtained/purchased it. If purchased through the campus bookstore, students may return it to the bookstore with proof of purchase.

You must contact your instructor with the new remote number so it can be added to your information.

Your clicker ID may contain the number zero, but will not contain the letter O.

After you have successfully registered via the Web site, you will receive the following confirmation message: "Thanks! Your clicker has been registered with the system." You will not, however, receive a confirmation email.

On the back of your i>clicker is a small slot. You will need to insert a paperclip or similar device (such as the tip of a pen) to release the battery cover, allowing you to remove and replace the batteries. Please note that you need to replace ALL THREE batteries. On occasion, the third battery will stick in the compartment and requires a tap to release it. Please DO NOT use Duracell batteries as they are shorter than other batteries and therefore not suitable for i>clicker remotes.

On the top of the i>clicker remote is a "Vote Status" light. The "Vote Status" light will flash green once, indicating the vote has been sent and confirmed. A red flashing light indicates that the vote was not received. Note that the green light only flashes once, while the red light flashes three times. If you are still not sure, contact your instructor or class grader.

You register a used i>clicker remote in the exact same manner as a new i>clicker remote. You need not do anything special or different in order to register a used remote.

Yes, there is technical support available for students. You can call the Technical Support Center toll free at 866-209-5698 or send an email to support@iclicker.com. You can also call UNM IT support at 277-5757.

Yes, as long as your other instructors are also using i>clicker software and hardware. There are other clickers available, none of which are cross-compatible, so you will need to confirm that your other professors are also using i>clicker and not another system.