PandA Common Core Course Numbers

Effective Fall 2019

Note: PHYC is now PHYS. Find out about this change here.

Subject Number Suf Long Title UNM


ASTR 1115   Introduction to Astronomy ASTR 101
ASTR 1115 L Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory  ASTR 101L
ASTR 1996   Selected Topics   ASTR 109
ASTR 2110   General Astronomy I ASTR 270
ASTR 2110 L General  Astronomy I Laboratory ASTR 270L
ASTR 2115   General Astronomy II ASTR 271
ASTR 2115 L General Astronomy II Laboratory ASTR 271L


PHYS 1115   Survey of Physics PHYC 102
PHYS 1115 L Survey of Physics Laboratory PHYC 102L
PHYS 2996   Selected Topics  PHYC 103
PHYS 1110   Physics and Society  PHYC 105
PHYS 1125   Physics of Music PHYC 108
PHYS 1125 L Physics of Music Laboratory PHYC 108L
PHYS 1120   Introduction to Applied Physics PHYC 110
PHYS 1230   Algebra-Based Physics I PHYC 151
PHYS 1230 L Algebra-Based Physics I Laboratory PHYC 151L
PHYS 1240   Algebra-Based Physics II  PHYC 152
PHYS 1240 L Algebra-Based Physics II Laboratory PHYC 152L
PHYS 1231   Problems in Algebra-Based Physics I PHYC 157
PHYS 1241   Problems in Algebra-Based Physics II PHYC 158
PHYS 1310   Calculus-Based Physics I  PHYC 160
PHYS 1310 L Calculus-Based Physics I Laboratory PHYC 160L
PHYS 1320   Calculus-Based Physics II PHYC 161
PHYS 1320 L Calculus-Based Physics II Laboratory PHYC 161L
PHYS 1311   Problems in Calculus-Based Physics I PHYC 167
PHYS 1321   Problems in Calculus-Based Physics II PHYC 168
PHYS 2310   Calculus-Based Physics III PHYC 262
PHYS 2310 L Calculus-Based Physics III Laboratory PHYC 262L
PHYS 2311   Problems in Calculus-Based Physics III PHYC 267
PHYS 2415   Computational Physics PHYC 290