Graduate Students Supervised

1. V. SESHADRI (Ph.D. in 1977) now at the Bell Laboratories. Title of thesis, Master Equation Theory of Simultaneous Vibrational Relaxation and Intramolecular Decay.

2. Y. WONG (Ph.D. in 1979) now at the Bell Laboratories. Title of thesis, Theoretical Study of Exciton Transport in Molecular Crystals.

3. P.E. PARRIS (Ph.D. in 1984) Past Chairman of the Physics Department and Professor at the University of Missouri, Rolla. Title of thesis, Sensitized Luminescence as a Probe of Exciton Transport in Organic Molecular Solids.

4. D.W. BROWN (Ph.D. in 1984) now a Research Scientist at the Institute of Nonlinear Science at the University of California, San Diego. Title of thesis, Neutron Scattering and Muon Spin Rotation as Probes of Light Interstitial Transport.

5. J.D. ANDERSEN (Ph.D. in 1985) now a Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Title of thesis, Transport Theory for Photo-Injected Electrons in Naphthalene.

6. G.P. TSIRONIS (Ph.D. in 1986) now a Professor of Physics at the University of Crete, Greece. Title of thesis, Transport Studies in Nonlinear Dimers and Molecular Solids.

7. D.H. DUNLAP (Ph.D. in 1987) now a Professor at the University of New Mexico. Title of thesis, Charge Transport in High Fields and under Strong Carrier-Lattice Interactions.

8. H. WU (Ph.D. in 1989) now a Senior Researcher at NASA. Title of thesis, Transport Studies Based on the Discrete Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation.

9. X. FAN (Ph.D. in 1990) now at the University of North Texas. Title of thesis, Studies of Unusual Thermal Transport in Solids and of Related Nonlinear Problems.

10. V. KOVANIS (Ph.D. in 1991) now Senior Research Scientist at Corning Inc. Title of thesis, Wave Packet Evolution in Restricted Geometries.

11. F. BISCARINI (supervised jointly with C. Bustamante of University of Oregon, Eugene) (Ph.D. in 1993) now a Professor at Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Title of thesis, Theory of Electron Transport in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Applications to the Simulation of Images of Metal Surfaces and Absorbed Molecules.

12. S. RAGHAVAN (Ph.D. in 1996) now a Senior Research Scientist at Corning. Title of thesis, Strongly Interacting Quasiparticle-Boson Systems: Validity of Approximation Schemes.

13. M. ENDICOTT (Ph.D. in 1996) now at the University of Kentucky. Title of thesis, A Study of the Statistical Mechanics of Two Complex Systems.

14. D. SHELTRAW (Ph.D. in 1996) now a Research Scientist at the VA - LANL laboratory. Title of thesis, Diffusion of Spins in the Presence of Magnetic Fields Gradients and Confinement.

15. J. SCOTT (Ph.D. in 1998) Title of Thesis, Nonlocal Effects and Spatial Correlations in the Transmission of Stress in Granular Materials.

16. L. A. GIUGGIOLI (Ph. D. in 2004) now Assistant Professor at University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Title of Thesis, Theory of Transport in Organic Crystals and Biological Systems.

17. DAVID MACINNIS (Ph. D. in 2007) now Research Scientist at All State, Chicago; Title of Thesis, Applications of Nonlinear Science and Kinetic Equations to the Theory of the Spread of Epidemics.

18. MUKESH TIWARI (Ph. D. in 2008) now Assistant Professor at the Dhirubhai Institute, Gandhinagar, India; Title of Thesis, Quasiparticle Motion in some Classical and Quantum Mechanical Systems: Investigations of Nanoscale Friction and Polaron Mobility.

19. ZIYA KALAY (Ph. D. in 2009) from this Fall, Research Scientist at Kyoto University, Japan; Title of Thesis, Statistical Mechanics of Transport in Disordered Lattices and Reaction-Diffusion Systems.

20. LUIS FELIPE GONZALEZ-PALACIO (MS in 2009) now Amgen Fellow at Teach for America, Inc., Houston; Title of Thesis, Applications of Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Science to Ecological Phenomena.

21. KATHRIN SPENDIER (Ph. D. in 2012, supervised jointly with J. Thomas) now Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Title of Thesis, Dynamics and Distribution of Immunoglobolin E Receptors: a Dialog between Experiment and Theory.

22. ALDEN ASTWOOD (Ph. D. in 2012) now Research Scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Title of Thesis, Transport Theoretical Studies of Some Microscopic and Macroscopic Systems.

23. SATOMI SUGAYA (Ph. D. in 2016) now Lecturer at CNM, Albuquerque; Title of Thesis, The Smoluchowski Equation in Population Dynamics and the Spread of Infection.

24. MATTHEW CHASE (Ph. D. in 2016) ; Title of Thesis, Memory Effects in Brownian Motion, Random Walks under Confining Potentials, and Relaxation of Quantum Systems.

25. ANASTASIA IERIDES (Ph. D. in 2017);Title of Thesis, Vibrational Relaxation of Molecules in Reservoirs and Theory of Approach to Equilibrium.