Director - Greg Taylor
Associate Director - Ylva Pihlström


Rouzbeh Allahverdi
Darcy Barron
Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine
Diana Dragomir
Huaiyu (Mike) Duan
P.A. (Trish) Henning
Dinesh Loomba
John T. McGraw
Ylva Pihlström
Richard J. Rand
Gregory Taylor

Associate Members:

Hèlène Dickel
John Dickel
Jayce Dowell
Jess Dowell
Frank Schinzel
Kevin Stovall
Ken Obenberger
Stephen White

Hèlène Dickel, Adjunct Professor

Research Interests:

My primary interest is in the physical conditions and evolution of dense cores of giant molecular clouds from which massive stars form and in the subsequent interactions of these newly-formed stars and attendant HII regions on the remaining molecular gas. Molecular emission from these regions is studied via radio observations coupled with a non-LTE, multi-level radiative transfer code. I am currently involved in the development of the Long Wavelength Array at UNM.

Greg Taylor: gbtaylor@unm.edu | 505.277.3166  OR   Rich Rand: rjr@phys.unm.edu | 505.277.2073
University of New Mexico Department of Physics and Astronomy
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