Progress towards development and quantum theoretic analyses of a physical model for RC

Presenting Author: Karpur Shukla, Centre for Mathematical Modelling, Flame University
Contributing Author(s): Michael P. Frank (Sandia National Laboratories)

We present new developments in the application of nonequilibrium fluctuation theorems to logically and physically reversible models of computation, in particular examining the synthesis of two complementary views of stochastic and quantum thermodynamics as they relate to reversible computing (RC). First, by examining the nonequilibrium thermodynamic properties of different information measures used by Sagawa and Anderson on the energy cost of information erasure and the Landauer-Bennett limit as they relate to transformations on memory states, we demonstrate the complementarity of their descriptions of energy costs of computational processes. This demonstration is made clear by examining recent work on nonequilibrium memory state transformations, collective operations, and nonequilibrium quantum Maxwell's demons in the framework provided by Sagawa and Anderson. Finally, we discuss progress in developing a concrete model of nonequilibrium reversible computation, in particular through the application of fluctuation theorems to conformal field theories. We discuss progress in developing work distribution functions for a model of SO(2,1) nonrelativistic non-Abelian anyons, and the relevance this has for models of topological quantum computation. By applying Sagawa's and Anderson's arguments to this system and examining the fluctuations of braiding operations, we sketch out how to apply lessons from this model to RC more broadly, allowing us to develop more applicable RC models.

(Session 5 : Sunday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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