Classification of 2D cluster phases by subsystem symmetry and measurement-based computational capability

Presenting Author: Austin Daniel, University of New Mexico CQuIC
Contributing Author(s): Rafael Alexander, Akimasa Miyake

A long standing open problem for measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC) is classifying which many-body states can be used as a universal resource state. Recently it has been found that certain 2D symmetry protected topological phases which possess subsystem symmetries corresponding to an underlying quantum cellular automaton (QCA) structure, can act as an universal resource phase in which every state can be used to do universal MBQC (Raussendorf et. al., arXiv:1803.00095). We analyze subsystem symmetries and classify cluster phases on 2D lattices according to their underlying QCA structure and usefulness for MBQC.

(Session 5 : Sunday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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