Dissipative self-interference and robustness of continuous error-correction to miscalibration

Presenting Author: Victor V. Albert, California Institute of Technology
Contributing Author(s): Kyungjoo Noh, Florentin Reiter

We derive an effective equation of motion within the steady-state subspace of a large family of Markovian open systems (i.e., Lindbladians) subject to perturbations of their Hamiltonians and system-bath couplings. We derive a set of conditions under which competing dissipative processes destructively interfere, producing no dissipation within the steady-state subspace. Due to the mildness of the conditions, such destructive interference turns out to be much more generic than expected. For quantum error-correction, these effects imply that continuously error-correcting Lindbladians are robust to calibration errors, including miscalibrations consisting of operators undetectable by the code. A similar interference is present in more general systems if one implements a particular Hamiltonian drive, resulting in a coherent cancellation of dissipation. On the opposite extreme, instead of suppressing dissipation, we provide a simple implementation of universal Lindbladian simulation.

Read this article online: open quantum system, error correction

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