Curvature measures of correlations and entanglement of qudit quantum networks

Presenting Author: Shahabeddin Mostafanazhad Aslmarand, Florida Atlantic University
Contributing Author(s): Warner Miller

The cornerstone of quantum computing derives from quantum entanglement. We are interested in measures of correlation and entanglement over complex qudit quantum networks. Having scalable measures of these correlations and entanglement for a quantum network with arbitrarily large number of qubits would be of great utility. Following It-from-Bit framework of Wheeler, we introduce a common Shannon-based information geometry measure of distance that applies to binary strings of measurement outcomes, and we introduce a generalization to higher-dimensional volumes. These volumes can be used to define curvature measures over the qudit network. We describe and illustrate our information-geometry-based curvature approach for a few representative qudit networks. Our approach involves repeated experiments made by d observers over a set of identically-prepared qudit states – a “quantum state interrogation in the space of measurements.” Each observer records a 1 if their detector triggers, otherwise they record a 0. This generates a string of 1’s and 0’s at each detector, and each observer can define a binary random variable from this sequence. This approach provides a novel way to characterize quantum networks and it may have favorable scaling with increased number of photons.

(Session 5 : Sunday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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