Adiabatic preparation of quantum ground states in coupled cavity arrays

Presenting Author: Kang Cai, University of California, Merced
Contributing Author(s): Prabin Parajuli, Gui Lu Long, C. W. Wong, Lin Tian

Coupled cavity array (CCA) can be used to explore quantum phase transition in strongly-correlated polaritons. At integer fillings, such systems demonstrate the Mott-insulator-to-superfluid phase transition. However, it is nontrivial to prepare such systems in their quantum ground states near a quantum critical point, where the energy gap often diminishes. Here, we study an adiabatic process to prepare the ground states in a finite-size CCA model. In our scheme, the CCA is initially biased in the deep Mott-insulating or the deep superfluid regime far from the quantum critical point, where the ground state can be prepared with high fidelity. During the evolution, the system parameters are tuned adiabatically towards the target parameters near the quantum critical point. We characterize the fidelity of the final state under various ramping schemes. Our result shows that the fidelity can be greatly improved by choosing the adiabatic sweeping protocol.

(Session 5 : Sunday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm)


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