Testing the Robustness of Robust Phase Estimation

Presenting Author: Karl Burkhardt, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Contributing Author(s): Creston Herold, Brian McMahon, Adam Meier

Robust Phase Estimation (RPE) is a particularly efficient and robust technique for calibrating the pulse areas of quantum gates. Efficient calibration protocols allow quantum computing and metrology experiments to remain accurate with less downtime. The resilience of RPE against errors allows it to be used even when other aspects of the experiment are not well calibrated. Kimmel et al. [1] predict that RPE can reliably return the correct pulse area even when errors accumulated during the protocol approach 1/sqrt(8). Using microwave control of a single Yb+ ion, we tested the insensitivity of RPE to various errors. We first injected depolarizing error by applying weak detection light to the ion throughout the RPE protocol. We also demonstrated the tolerance of the protocol to measurement error by adjusting the threshold of our detection. We find that RPE is remarkably robust in both cases.

(Session : from 5:00pm - 7:00 pm)


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