Multi-platform quantum information system for secure communication at KRISS and NSR

Presenting Author: Jae Hoon Lee, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science
Contributing Author(s): Yonuk Chong

We present current research being conducted at KRISS (Korea Research Institute for Standards and Science) and NSR (National Security Research Institute) in South Korea for studying multi-platform quantum information systems geared towards the research of secure quantum communications. The project’s goal is to fully integrate multiple teams (photonic qubit, atomic qubit, superconducting qubit, quantum communication theory, and quantum communication hardware development) to demonstrate a lab-scale distributed quantum direct communication (QDC) network composed of hybrid quantum systems. Currently, our main research topics are to develop qudit encoded photons transferred via multicore fibers, single photon sources from SiV nano diamonds, superconducting single photon detectors, signal processing boards for QDC protocols, superconducting and atomic qubits for quantum information processing, and nanophotonic devices for atom-photon coupling.

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