Ion-electrode distance scaling of surface electric-field noise

Presenting Author: Da An, University of California Berkeley
Contributing Author(s): D. An, C. Mattheisen, E. Urban, M. Lewin-Berlin, D. Gorman, N. Daniilidis, H. Haeffner

Electric-field noise near surfaces is a prevalent challenge in various trapped ion experiments, including precision measurements and high fidelity quantum computations. In order to reduce the effects of this noise, it is important to first understand the underlying mechanisms. Intuitively, the electric-field noise has a more significant effect on an ion held closer to the surface, but the exact scaling is experimentally ambiguous. Here we present surface-noise limited heating rate measurements as a function of ion-electrode distance. We use a novel surface ion trap with no radio-frequency (rf) confinement normal to the surface, allowing the dc fields to set variable ion heights. We also discuss future studies with this trap design, including sympathetic cooling of separately trapped ions and quantum information transfer through a classical conducting wire.

(Session 5 : Thursday from 5:00pm - 7:00 pm)


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