Nonclassical effects in multilevel electromagnetically induced transparency

Presenting Author: Mitch Mazzei, Miami University
Contributing Author(s): Perry Rice

We examine a simple multilevel system that can exhibit Electromagnetically Induced Transparency/Absoprtion. We explore nonclassical behavior in the EIT/EIA regime, and elsewhere. Methods developed in the simple regime are applied to degenerate EIT systems. The spectra and nonclassical behavior in these systems are discussed. We propose a multilevel photonic memory in this system, as well as a scheme for improving the lifetime of such a memory utilizing the phenomena of superradiance and subradiance. We are examining pulses that excite the bright states of an atomic ensemble/fiber system, writing a state, and then shifting the system to a dark state for storage.

(Session 5 : Thursday from 5:00pm - 7:00 pm)


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