TyuonyiTwo optional excursions are available. These are both 5-hour trips that will take place on December 14. The cost of the excursions is not included in the registration fee. Delegates can elect to add this charge at the time of registration. Companions are welcome to purchase excursion tickets as well. Both excursions are led by licensed New Mexico guides who will provide transportation and commentary.

Tour Option #1, Tyuonyi (Qu-weh-nee) Pueblo

We offer a guided 4-mile hike in Bandelier National Monument that starts at the top of Frijoles Canyon, trekking along the Frey Trail to the Tyuonyi Pueblo ruins. We hike down to the canyon floor for a great perspective of the ruins. From there, the hike continues with a tour of the ancient Tyuonyi Pueblo, the Long House, and the Alcove House. Participants will meet the return bus at the bottom of the trail, near the Monument Visitor Center. The cost per person, including transportation and entrance fees, is $159 per person.

Tour Option #2, Red Dot Petroglyphs (the number of participants is capped at 25).

Newspaper RockThis hike uses the Red Dot Trail near Los Alamos. This is about a 3 mile roundtrip hike that will take participants from the top of a mesa down to the Rio Grande. The trail is rocky and steep (participants will need to descend 900 feet on the outbound, and ascend 900 feet on the return). There are interesting petroglyphs along the way. We will visit more petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock and then climb back up to the beginning of the trail. The cost is $143 per person, including transportation, and this trail includes no entrance fees.