John A.J. Matthews

In recent years many of the unsolved problems in physics, have emphasized (maybe just re-emphasized) the excitement of experimental measurements exposing totally unexpected new physics. It is in this spirit that my research is focused on instrumentation R&D to the goal of laboratory directional-detection of dark matter particles (with DRIFT collaboration colleagues at UNM), and on studies of the extreme universe with the Pierre Auger and HAWC astro-particle physics experiments.

At this time Auger and HAWC provide several excellent physics analysis opportunities. For example Auger data now allow for the extraction of previously unmeasured physics from the Auger fluorescence detector longitudinal shower profiles. And the HAWC experiment provides an important 1TeV to 1000TeV high-mass window for indirect searches for dark matter (e.g. WIMP) annihilation or decay to gamma-rays.

Nitty-gritty technical details can be found in my recent talks and/or in my list of publications.