Physics 151 Section 001, Fall 2012

Émilie du Châtelet

Professor: Dr. Mark Morgan-Tracy

Email: mtracy@unm.edu

Meets: MWF, 9:00-9:50 in Regener Hall 103

Office Hours:

Wednesday 1:30-3:30, Regener Hall 109

Friday 10:00-12:00 and 2:00-3:30 , Regener Hall 109

Thursday 1:00-5:00, Physics and Astronomy Building 11

 Welcome to the webpage for Physics 151, the first semester of algebra-based physics.  This term we will be studying the basics of motion as well as teaching you the skills needed to ensure success in future Physics courses and maybe even life!  On this page you will find extra course materials that will aid you this semester.  Reading assignments, lecture notes, audio podcasts, homework and exam solutions will be posted as they become available.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


 For all things grade/course requirement related, please re-read the syllabus which is available here: syllabus151.pdf.

 Reading Assignments:

Here are the links for the reading assignments given by date. Students will be quizzed on the reading at the start of every class.

082212.pdf 082412.pdf 082712.pdf 082912.pdf 083112.pdf
090712.pdf 091012.pdf 091212.pdf 091912.pdf 091912.pdf
092412.pdf 092612.pdf 092812.pdf 100312.pdf 100512.pdf
101512.pdf 101712.pdf 102212.pdf 102412.pdf 102612.pdf
102912.pdf 103112.pdf 110212.pdf 110512.pdf 110712.pdf
110912.pdf 111412.pdf 111612.pdf 112812.pdf 113012.pdf
120312.pdf 120512.pdf      



To see what was covered on a particular day and to find solutions to clicker quizzes, here are the slides.

08-20-12.pdf 08-22-12.pdf 08-24-12.pdf 08-27-12.pdf 08-29-12.pdf
08-31-12.pdf 08-31-12-Solutions.pdf 09-05-12.pdf 09-07-12.pdf 09-10-12.pdf
09-12-12.pdf 09-19-12.pdf 09-21-12.pdf 09-24-12.pdf 09-26-12.pdf
09-28-12.pdf 10-01-12.pdf 10-03-12.pdf 10-05-12.pdf 10-08-12.pdf
10-15-12.pdf 10-17-12.pdf 10-19-12.pdf 10-22-12.pdf 10-24-12.pdf
10-26-12.pdf 10-29-12.pdf 10-31-12.pdf 10-31-12-Solutions.pdf 11-02-12.pdf
11-05-12.pdf 11-07-12.pdf 11-09-12.pdf 11-12-12.pdf 11-14-12.pdf
11-26-12.pdf 11-28-12.pdf 11-30-12.pdf 12-03-12.pdf 12-05-12.pdf

Extra Credit:

Solutions for the extra credit problems are organized by their corresponding lecture date.

08-24-12EC.pdf 08-27-12EC.pdf 08-29-12EC.pdf 08-31-12EC.pdf 09-05-12EC.pdf 09-07-12EC.pdf
09-10-12EC.pdf 09-12-12EC.pdf 09-19-12EC.pdf 09-21-12EC.pdf 09-24-12EC.pdf 09-26-12EC.pdf
09-28-12EC.pdf 10-01-12EC.pdf 10-03-12EC.pdf 10-15-12EC.pdf 10-17-12EC.pdf 10-19-12EC.pdf
10-22-12EC.pdf 10-24-12EC.pdf 10-26-12EC.pdf 10-29-12EC.pdf 10-31-12EC.pdf 11-02-12EC.pdf
11-05-12EC.pdf 11-07-12EC.pdf 11-09-12EC.pdf 11-12-12EC.pdf 11-14-12EC.pdf 11-26-12EC.pdf
11-28-12EC.pdf 11-30-12EC.pdf 12-03-12EC.pdf      


Simple instructions on how to access to lecture's audio podcasts can be found here.



View the file below for the homework assignments.   Homework solutions will be posted one week after their due date.  In case you're looking for it, the Mastering Physics course ID for this term is MPMORGANTRACY42966.  Find your homework box number here.

HW02.pdf HW03.pdf HW04.pdf HW05.pdf HW06.pdf
HW07.pdf HW08.pdf HW09.pdf HW10.pdf HW11.pdf


Practice Exams:

Exam1.pdf Exam1-Solution.pdf Exam2.pdf Exam2-Solution.pdf Exam3.pdf Exam3-Solution.pdf
Final Exam Final Exam Solution        

Exam Solutions:

Test1-Blue Test1-Green Test2-Blue Test2-Green
Test3-Blue Test3-Green Final-Blue Final-Green