Registering with

You will need:

  1. Open a browser**  and navigate to

  2. This is what you will see:

  3. Enter the username you were given by your instructor in the field labeled "Username".
    Type "unm" in the field labeled "Institution".
    Lastly, enter the password your instructor gave you in the field labeled "Password".
  4. Click "Log In".
  5. If you entered all the information correctly, you will be logged into the webassign system. If you were not logged in, make sure you entered the information case-sensitively. This means that you should enter UPPERCASE characters as UPPERCASE, and lowercase characters as lowercase.

    You will not be able to perform any of your assignments, until you enter your access code. After logging in to webassign, click the button "Enter Access Code" and you will be given a field to enter your Access Code. To obtain this code, you will have to purchase a "Webassign Card" from the bookstore. Scratch of the grey area to reveal your access code. Once you have entered this code, you will be prepared to perform your assignments on webassign.

Some notes about WebAssign

A) Always answer numerical questions with three significant figures.
B) When using Scientific Notation use: "6e9" to express "6 times 10 to the ninth."
**Some web browsers older than Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape 6.1 have encountered some problems with WebAssign