Observing Project 1

For Observing Project 1 you are expected to make two (2) simple observations and turn in one (1) observing sheet. This observation must be complete and authentic to be awarded full credit. Please check the syllabus to see the due date.

Task 1. Record the phase and position of the Moon relative to landmarks on the horizon. Use a Motion of the Sky observing sheet (see link below) to record the phase and position of the Moon and its position in the sky relative to earthly landmarks on the ground such as a tree, fence, or building. Also, record your location, the time and date, and which direction you are looking when you are making your observation. Make a note of where you are standing so that you can return to this same spot for your second observation.

Task 2. Two to four days later at around the same time, return to the same spot that you made the first observation from and draw what you see. If you wait more than a couple of days, you may need to expand the scale of your drawing so that the moon still fits inside the box. Be sure to include any other bright object(s) as well as your location, the time and date, and the direction you are looking to see the moon. Note that the example below shows observations 2 days apart (8/30 - 8/31 - 9/1).

Turn in your completed Observation Project during the fourth week of classes.

Sample Worksheet

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