500.002 DEPARTMENTAL RESEARCH OVERVIEW Fall 2019 (Fr, 9:00 - 10:30, Physics and Astronomy Room 5)

Please note: Some schedule changes may occur
8/23 9:00 am Paul Schwoebel Imaging crystal growth processes at the atomic level
9:30 am Sally Seidel Particle Discovery at the LHC
8/30 9:00 am David Dunlap Signatures of the exciton-polaron in the optical absorption spectrum in two-dimensional hybrid lead-halide perovskites
  9:30 am Francis Elohim Becerra Experimental Quantum Optics
9/6 9:00 am Ylva Pihlström Astronomical masers
9:30 am Tara Drake Optical frequency combs on a chip and controlling the temperature of light
9/13 9:00 am Rouzbeh Allahverdi The Particle Physics-Cosmology Connection in the Era of Data
9:30 am Huaiyu Duan Compact Objects and Neutrinos
9/20 9:00 am Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine Probes of dark matter physics across cosmic times
9:30 am Michael Gold What is a neutrino, anyway?
9/27 9:00 am Alejandro Manjavacas Controlling light at the nanoscale
9:30 am Diana Dragomir TESS and the bright future of exoplanet science
10/4 9:00 am Darcy Barron Cosmology with the cosmic microwave background: instrumentation and data analysis
9:30 am Akimasa Miyake Quantum computation and quantum many-body physics
10/11 Fall Break
10/18 9:00 am Gregory Taylor The Long Wavelength Array
9:30 am Arash Mafi Theoretical, computational, and experimental photonics
10/25 9:00 am Ivan Deutsch Quantum Information Science
9:30 am Mousumi Roy Physics of Magma Bodies and Volcanoes
11/1 9:00 am Victor Acosta Diamond quantum sensors
9:30 am
11/8 Paul Schwoebel "Responsible Conduct in Research"
11/15 Paul Schwoebel "Responsible Conduct in Research"
11/22 Paul Schwoebel "Responsible Conduct in Research"
11/29 Thanksgiving Break
12/6 Paul Schwoebel "Responsible Conduct in Research"