Astronomy 101 Lab

Meets in RH 118 or online

The main purpose of this webpage is to provide needed information about the lab that you can access from anywhere.

Learn how we learn about the Universe as we learn about the Universe. (Meets New Mexico Lower-Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area III: Science).

General Lab Information

Lab Instructors

Taylor Cramer

Kylar Greene

Pratik Kumar

Brandon Medina

Evan Sheldahl

In this lab, you will learn about planets, stars, exoplanets, galaxies, and Quasars as well as the techniques astronomer use to learn about these astronomical objects. This multi-media lab is interactive with videos, hot links, images, java applets, animations, and other visual aids, to facilitate your grasp of the fundamental concepts governing the modern science of Astronomy. This course deals with elementary techniques in astronomical observations.

  • The face-to-face lab meets 2 hours per week and all labs are completed during the lab period with 3 out-of-class projects and 1 graded homework assignment. There is also an online lab section.
  • There is no textbook for this class


(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - free download)

Lab 1 Foundations

Lab 7 Intro to Stars

Observing Project 1

Observing Projects 2 and 3 (face-to-face sections)

For Observing Projects 2 and 3, check here at 3 PM on Fridays to see if observatory will be open that night

Interactive Astronomy Applets

Javascript versions of popular introductory astronomy java applets.

Old version of Astronomy 101 Lab

This is a publicly available version of the labs. It is out of date in many places and will remain so for the foreseeable future.