Tests, homework assignments and CPS keypad (iClicker) responses will go into making up your final grade. There are four tests and a final.  Each test is weighted 100 points.  The fourth exam is Part 1 of the final (covering the material after the 3rd exam and up to the final) and is weighted 100 points. 

I will use the top three grades from Tests 1-4 so you can miss one. THERE ARE NO MAKEUP EXAMS, so do not plan on missing any more than one of tests 1-4, preferably none!

Part 2 of the final (comprehensive over the material over the entire semester) is weighted 100 points.  Homework is weighted 100 points. Keypad quizzes are worth 100 points 

1.  Test 1 100 points
2.  Test 2 100 points
3.  Test 3 100 points
4.  Test 4 (part 1 of final) 100 points
5.  Comprehensive (part 2 of final) 100 points
6.  Homework 100 points

7,  Keypad (class participation/quizzes) 100 points.

Thus there are a total of 600 points. There is NO extra credit in this course.

Grading scale:  The numbers below represent the percentage of the 600 possible points. For example, a grade of 90 means 90 percent of 600 which is 540 total points.

98-100  A+
93-97.99   A
90-92.99   A-
87-89.99  B+
83-86.99  B
80-82.99  B-
77-79.99  C+
73-76.99  C
70-72.99  C-
67-69.99  D+
63-66.99  D
60-62.99  D-
Below 60  F

However, to earn a C or better for the course a student must earn a score of 73 or higher on at least one test (this could be test 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or the comprehensive Final) and have an overall average of 73 or higher.

Tests will be curved, if necessary, to fit the above scale.  There will be no make-ups for tests missed! I will take the top three test grades for Tests 1-4, so this gives you a bit of slack.

There are no make-up homeworks and there are no make-up keypad exercises.  If you miss class then you have a zero for that day's keypad no matter what the reason is that you missed class.  If you miss a homework deadline (no matter what the reason) then you can submit late homework up to 48 hours.  However your score is reduced by the Mastering Physics system gradually over the 48 hour period to zero. 

If you drop the course then please let me know.  Sometimes I do not get this information and this can lead to grade difficulties at the end of the semester.

According to the UNM Schedule of Classes (see link to Final Exam Schedule at, the final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6thth from 10AM - noon in the regular classroom. There is no excuse for missing the final exam or for taking it at a different time except for a real emergency.  For example, leaving for the holidays early is not a real emergency.  Students who have many finals on that day or who have a conflict in the times of finals should read the discussion in the Final Exam Schedule link above.