This is the place where the tentative schedule containing the dates when topics are covered in class, reading assignments, homework assignments, and tests will be posted.  I will update this regularly, adding assignments several lectures ahead of time.

The homeworks are either from Mastering Physics (MP) or written (WH) and are to be handed in during class.  All Mastering Physics HWs are to be finished by 11:40 AM of the day they are due.  All HWs count towards your grade unless explicitly noted. In Mastering Physics, always answer numerical questions with 3 significant figures unless the problem specifically requests that you do otherwise. CAUTION:  Do not wait until the last minute to work and submit your Mastering Physics homework.  It is a computer-based system.  Things go wrong with computers.  I will not accept "computer problems" as an excuse for not being able to submit Mastering Physics homework on time.  


Date Due 

Reading Assignment/ 
Topics discussed that day

Homework Assignment 

MP = Mastering Physics 

M, 20 AUG:

Intro to course. Review Maxwell’s Eqns.


W, 22 AUG:

Reading: read Chap 32.1-32.2


F, 24 AUG:

Reading: Chap 32.3-32.4

MP: hw #1

M, 27 AUG

Reading: Chap 32.5, 33.1


W, 29 AUG

Reading: Chap 33.2-33.3

MP: hw #2

F, 31 AUG


MP: hw#3

W, 5 SEP

Reading: Chap 33.3-33.6

MP: hw#5

F, 7 SEP

Reading: Chap 33.7, 34.1

MP: hw#6

M, 10 SEP

Reading: Chap 34.2


W, 12 SEP

Reading: Chap 34.3

MP: hw#7

F, 14 SEP


MP: hw#8

M, 17 SEP

TEST 1: Chapters 32 – 34.2


W, 19 SEP

Reading: finish Chap 34


F, 21 SEP

Reading: Chap 35.1 – 35.3

MP: hw#9 (due Sat at noon)

M, 24 SEP

Reading: Chap 35.4 – 35.5

MP: hw#10

W, 26 SEP

Reading: Chap 35.4 – 35.5


F, 28 SEP

Reading: Chap 36.1 – 36.2

MP: hw#11

M, 1 OCT

Reading: Chap 36.3 – 36.4


W, 3 OCT

Reading: Finish Chap 36

MP: hw#12

F, 5 OCT

Reading: Ohanian – Start reading Chap 1


M, 8 OCT

Reading: Ohanian – Finish Chap 1, Chap 2.1-2.2

WH: Ohanian Chap 1: 2,3,4,7,8,16 due Monday at start of class

W, 10 OCT

Reading: Ohanian – Chap 2.3 – 2.4