PHYS 161.002 (Call #26988)

Monday and Wednesday: 05:30 PM – 06:45 PM
Regener Hall Room 114


Instructor: Dinesh Loomba

Office: Physics and Astronomy Building, Room 1164.
Office hours: By appointment


TA: Dipendra Adhikari

Office: Physics & Astronomy Room 38


Office hours: MW 3-4


SI: Nadia Fernandez-Oropeza

Attending SI tutorial sessions will positively impact your grade. Each session attended will result in 0.5 percentage points being added to your homework grade before normalization. Note that attendance means actively participating in the SI session.

Office: Regener Hall Room 114


Office hours:    To be determined

Text: University Physics, 12th edition by Young and Freeman

Grading: 20% Homework, 20% Quizzes, 30% Midterm, 30% Final.

Grading scale:  The numbers below represent the percentage of your final curved grade:

98-100  A+ 

93-97.99   A 

90-92.99   A- 

87-89.99  B+ 

83-86.99  B 

80-82.99  B- 

77-79.99  C+ 

70-76.99  C 

67-69.99  D+ 

63-66.99  D 

60-62.99  D- 

Below 60  F


  1) 20% Homework: Mastering Physics. Assigned Mondays at 8 AM and due the following Monday by 11 PM. Always use 3 significant figures on numerical answers. The numbers of the problems assigned in Mastering Physics usually correspond to those at the end of the appropriate Chapter in your University Physics textbook. If you bought a new textbook it came with an access code to Mastering Physics. If you were registered for Physics 160 last semester your access will carry over. If you wish to buy access to Mastering Physics separately, you may purchase access at Visit to get started.

              Course ID is: MPLOOMBA005                                                     

For your Student ID enter your UNM student ID number (= banner ID number)

For assistance with Mastering Physics use their online resources or go to: to see the office hours of our Department’s expert, Cathy Webster.

Attending SI tutorials will positively impact your home grade as specified above.

2) 20% Quizzes: Unannounced once each week or every other week during class on Monday or Wednesday. Each quiz will be a question taken from the Summary Section of the textbook chapter to be covered by lectures that week to encourage reading of the textbook beforehand. Make-up quizzes will only be given if prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. Graded quizzes will be returned by the next class period to your assigned box in Regener Hall. No extra paper, notes, calculators, or cell phones allowed during quiz.




3) 15% for each of 2 midterms during class in Regener 114. Exam 1 will cover Chapters 21 - 24. Exam 2 will cover Chapters 25-29.  The exams will be multiple choice with partial credit for work shown. You may use both sides of a 4” x 5” card as a crib sheet. Graded midterms will be returned to your assigned box in Regener Hall. No extra paper, notes, or cell phones allowed.

4) 15% for each of 2 parts in the Final: Wednesday May 11, 5:30-6:45 PM, Regener 114. Part 1 of the final will cover material from Chapters 17 – 20.  Part 2 will be a cumulative test of material covered in the 2 midterms (Chapters 21-29).  Both exams will be multiple choice with partial credit for work shown. You may use both sides of a 4” x 5” card as a crib sheet. No extra paper, notes, calculators, or cell phones allowed.

5) If you do poorly on either Midterm 1 or 2, I will count your grade in Part 2 of the Final (the Cumulative test) in its place.


Problems Session (Optional): PHYS 168.002 (Call # 23662)



Monday: 07:00 PM – 07:50 PM, Regener Hall Room 114
Grading (P/F) will be based upon attendance and participation. 4 absences will result in a failing grade. The Problems Session is strongly encouraged. The instructor teaches the class. Students are assigned to groups and work problems under the supervision of the instructor. Problems are selected to aid in understanding the lecture material and assigned homework.


Jan 19                                      Chapter 21: Electric Charge

Jan 24 – 26                              Chapter 21: Electric Fields

Jan 31 – Feb 2                        Chapter 22: Gauss’s Law

Feb 7 – 16                               Chapter 23: Electric Potential

Feb 21 – 23                             Chapter 24: Capacitance and Dielectrics

Feb 28 – Mar 2                           Chapter 25: Current and Resistance and Exam 1

             Feb 28: We will start Chapter 25

Mar 2: Midterm Exam: Ch. 21 - 24

                5:30 PM – 6:45 PM Regener Hall Room 114

Mar 7 – Mar 9                               Chapter 25, start Chapter 26: Direct Current Circuits

Mar 14 – 16                                   Spring Break

Mar 21 – 23                                   Finish Chapter 26, start Chapter 27: Magnetic Fields and Forces

Mar 28 – 30                                   Chapter 27, start Chapter 28: Magnetic Sources

Apr 4 – 6                                          Chapter 28, start Chapter 29: Electromagnetic Induction

Apr 11 – 13                                    Chapter 29: Electromagnetic Induction

April 13: Midterm Exam: Ch. 25 - 28

                5:30 PM – 6:45 PM Regener Hall Room 114

Apr 18 – 20                                    Finish Chapter 29 and E&M. Start Thermodynamics

Apr 25 – 27                                    Chapter 17 (material covered in class)

May 2 – 4                                        Chapter 17 and parts of Chapter 18 (material covered in class)

May 11: Final Exam: 2 Parts as Described Above

                                             5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Regener Hall Room 114

    (You may use both sides of TWO 4” x 5” cards as a crib sheet.)