Last Updated: August 21, 2006


 Welcome to class.  Please make it a habit to arrive at class on time.  Turn off cell phones. Also, to save my voice, please sit as close to the front as space allows.

 Here is a link to help with registering Mastering Physics and CPS, as well as some suggestions on how to succeed in this class.

 There are many resources out there to help you get the most out of this class. There are my office hours and those of the Special Instructor and grader. If you feel that you need extra help (and extra credit) you should attend one of the problems classes.  If you find that you need more help, there is CAPS and finally you can hire a personal tutor (although the tutors at CAPS are good and FREE).

 In-class responses on CPS will count as 10% of your grade.  You can consider these as instant mini-quizzes.  As I discuss things in class, I will ask simple questions designed to help you see if you correctly understand what I am saying.  An incorrect response gets 2 points, a correct response 4 points and no response zero points.


 Problems Sessions:

 MasteringPhysics homework is due before class begins.  There are two assignments due each day: One is designed to encourage you to read the sections that I will be lecturing on BEFORE CLASS.  The other is designed to give you practice on problems that were discussed last lecture.

 The written homework is due every Monday at the beginning of class.  I encourage everyone to do all of the homework since the exams will be very similar, and homework will count as 30% of your grade.






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