Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At many universities, research opportunities can be limited for undergraduate students. But at UNM, faculty and administrators place a significant emphasis on making research accessible for undergrads. Many times, these hands-on projects can really make the difference in stimulating love for a particular subject.

Ask your advisor about Undergraduate Research. Your advisor can advertise to the Department that you are looking for opportunities. You can check the College of Arts and Sciences for undergraduate research opportunities. Some are listed below.

Undergraduate Research Projects
Professor Project Title Description Project Duration
Manjavacas Theoretical nanophotonics    

Prior Undergraduate Research Projects
Professor Project Title Student Date Comments
Loomba Viability of integrating Op-Amps for event detection in TPCs Zachary Castillo 2016 Received Dept. funding
Schwoebel Characterization of metal deposited by laser ablation Jeremy Metzner 2016 Received Dept. funding
Seidel Application of diodes to measure charged particle beam characteristics Robert Reyna 2016 Received College funding
J. Thomas Two channel fluorescence correlation with evanescent illumination Christian Roberts 2016 Received College funding
Loomba Effects of CS_2 and SF_6 on diffusion rates of low-energy recoil tracks in TPCs Austin Vaitkus 2016 Received Dept. funding

Generally, you should at least complete Physics 330 before starting research, although there are exceptions.

Sometimes funding is available for supporting your research. Find out about College of Arts and Sciences or Department of Physics and Astronomy support.

Summer Research for Undergraduate Programs

Research Awards