Honors List

The Departmental Honors Program provides additional depth to the student's knowledge in a special area of contemporary physics and grounds this knowledge in their understanding of the world around them.

Student Honors Thesis Title Year Advisor
Ivan V. Rajen Measuring Charged Particle Beam Fluence Beyond 1015 neq/cm2 Using Planar and 3D Silicon Diodes 2018 Sally Seidel and Martin Hoeferkamp
Zachary Castillo Viability of Integrating Op-Amps for Event Detection in Time Projection Chambers 2017 Dinesh Loomba
Veronica Dike Detecting pulsar polarization below 100 MHz with the LWA 2017 Greg Taylor
Gregory Ottino Vernier Scan Analysis PHENX Run 15 p+p, √s = 200 GeV 2017 Doug Fields
Austin Vaitkus The Effect of CS2 on Diffusion and Light Yield in Optical Time Projection Chambers 2017 Dinesh Loomba
Cameron Trapp The high frequency calibrator conundrum: Pipeline and identification algorithm for potential calibrator sources 2016 Ylva Pihlström
Alex Mills Scintillation of Xenon doped Liquid Argon in the BACON Detector 2016 Michael Gold
Brad Philipbar R&D Leading Toward the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment 2016 Michael Gold
Nelly Ayllon Development of a Method for Measuring Charged Particle Beam Fluence Beyond 1016 1-MeV-neutron equivalent/cm2 2016 Sally Seidel and Martin Hoeferkamp
Tarraneh Eftekhari

A Low Frequency Survey of Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar

2015 Greg Taylor
Alexandria Doerfler Development of a Total Internal Reflection Illumination System for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy 2015 James Thomas
Joshua Martin Multivariate Moments to Characterize Nuclear Recoil Track Directionality in Low-Pressure TPCs 2015 Dinesh Loomba
Michael McCrackan Low Frequency Study of Rotating Radio Transients 2015 Greg Taylor
Ezequiel Carrasco Simulating a Boson Sampler 2014 Ivan Deutsch
Haley McDuff Effect of Humidity on Reverse Breakdown in 3D Silicon Sensors for Particle Tracking 2014 Sally Seidel
Stav Gold A linear analysis of a two-phase flow model of melt percolation 2014 Mousumi Roy
Brian Josey Charge Collection Distance of Diamond Vertex Detectors 2012 Sally Seidel
Rodrigo Osuna Orozco Generation of Melt Streamline Patterns from Lithosphere Thickness Irregularities 2012 Mousumi Roy
Paige Romero Optical Variability of the Young Stellar Object GM Aurigae 2012 John McGraw
Chad McCoy Cross Calibration for using Neutron Activation Analysis with Copper Samples to measure D-T Fusion Yields 2011 Gary W. Cooper (UNM, ChNE)
Daniel Finley
Bolesław Osiński Thermal Characterization of MBBA, 5CB, and 8CB for Thermal Switches Using the 3ω Method 2011 Kevin Malloy
Kyle Martin An Analysis of an Epistemic Toy Theory of Quantum Mechanics with Connections to the Stabilizer Formalism and Local Hidden Variable Tables 2010 Carlton Caves
Nguyen Phan Acrylic Attenuation Measurements for the MiniCLEAN Dark Matter Detector 2009 Dinesh Loomba
John Matthews
Tiffany Hayes Search for Extraplanar Molecular Gas in NGC 891 2008 Richard Rand
Thuso Simon milliCTI 2008 John McGraw
Aaron Zimmerman Helicity Effects on Quantum Scattering 2008 Colston Chandler
Douglas Fields
Paul J. Martin Quantum Optical Coherent State Discrimination 2007 J.M. Geremia
Lance Edens Analysis of the Hydrogen Gas Distribution in the Galaxy HIZSS 3 2006 Patricia Henning
Kathrin Spendier Spatial Control of Spontaneous Fluorescence by Stimulated Emission 2006 James Thomas
David Hayes Quantum Logic with Spin 1/2 Neutral Atoms in Double Gaussian Wells 2005 Ivan Deutsch
Adam K. Norman Damage Induced in α-Quartz by High-Energy Heavy Ions 2005 David Dunlap
Wayne M. Schlingman Temperature-Entropy Wave in Self-Organized 4He 2004 Robert Duncan
Nicolas Menicucci Local Realistic Hidden-Variable Model for the States and Dynamics of Liquid-State NMR Information Processing 2002 Carlton Caves
Katherine Smith Weak Lensing Results for Galaxy Cluster Abell 781 2002 Dinesh Loomba
Raquel Fraga Enciñas VLA Mapping of M83 at 6cm 2001 Richard Rand
Cristina Murray New Galaxies in the Southern Zone of Avoidance: an HI Survey 2001 Patricia Henning