Recent Work Done by the Machine Shop

Couette Cell for Laminar Flow Experiment:

Laminar flow at low Reynolds number - viscosity experiment.
see the video

Microscope C-mount Threaded Adapter:

Pneumatic Percussion Device:

The PPD is used to simulate graded traumatic brain injury using pressures of up to 75 psi. This device was a collaboration between the machine shop and the electronics shop.


Metering Block/Hypodermic Tubing Holder:

This device has 6 hypodermic tubes in the target area 1mm apart with .008" diameter holes aligned to allow laser light to pass through.

Leaf Gas Exchange Chamber:

Pneumatic Freeze Clamp:

This device allows measurement of metabolite concentrations (sugars in the Calvin and Krebs cycles, etc.) from an rapidly frozen piece of leaf tissue sampled at a known rate of photosynthesis (measured as carbon dioxide uptake rate while in the freeze clamp device).

Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Holder:

Photo left: Fabrication (boring operation) of PMT holder. Photo right: PMT holder installed on time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

PMT Holders:

Photo left: 8 PMT holders in open position exposing the adjustable felt lining
Photo center: 8 PMT holders in closed position
Photo right: 8 PMT holders showing range of height adjustment

Graham Flint Telescope Assembly:

The telescope will be the receiver for a novel astronomical Lidar System. Lidar measures extinction of starlight in our atmosphere.

Photo left: Top ring and secondary mirror support assembly to the Graham Flint telescope. Held by Pete Zimmer, UNM Postdoctoral Fellow.
Photo center: Side view of the secondary mirror support with linear guide bearings exposed.
Photo right: Linear actuator which drives the mirror into focus.

Shop Class:

Students learning Machine Shop practice as part of the Contemporary Physics Laboratory Class (PHYS 493L)