Safe Viewing

Eclipse glassesIt is never safe to look directly at the Sun! Even for an instant. Do not look at the Sun through binoculars, a camera, or a telescope without purpose-built filters. Use your eclipse viewers, welders glasses that are rated at least #14, or project the image using a pinhole camera, for example.

Eclipse viewing glasses look like this, and are safe to use when viewing the Sun. While looking away from the Sun, put the glasses on, then look at the Sun through your glasses. Don’t remove the glasses until you are looking in a direction away from the Sun.

UNM Physics and Astronomy Department is selling viewing glasses for $1 up until the event. Any proceeds will go to support the Campus Observatory. Check with the front office (limit ten per customer).

The eclipse glasses at UNM are purchased from a vendor of solar filters recommended by the American Astronomical Society, and have been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.  See the list of reputable vendors.

A pinhole camera is another cheap and simple way to safely view the Sun. Here are some instructions:

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