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Demo Night 2015
Physics Demonstration Show

Physics Lecture Demonstration Show

About 250 people attended the Lecture Demonstration Show on March 11, 2015 in Regener Hall. The live physics demonstrations illustrated basic principles in mechanics, optics, and electricity and magnetism. Demonstrations included a giant Newton's Cradle, a Human Gyroscope, the Rocket Car, Optical Fibers, the Tesla Coil, and the Imploding Drum.

Said Department Chair Rudolph Wolfgang,

"It was nice to see so many excited and amazed faces of young and not-so-young people. Special thanks to our student performers Josh Martin, Daniel Puentes, Nick Huntoon, Zach Castillo, Montie Avery, Christian Roberts, and Profs. Dave Dunlap (show master), Paul Schwoebel and Arash Mafi. Such events are great publicity for us and we will repeat the show."

See the 30 minute video here.

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