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2004 Regional Science and Engineering Fair

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We are absolutely desperate to recruit more judges for the regional fair in almost every category. I’m attaching a recruitment flyer (MS Word) (PDF) that can be printed, copied, and distributed to anyone & everyone!

We need at least 250-300 MORE judges if we are to be able to have each person judging a reasonable number of projects. Judges only need have an undergrad degree, some understanding of the research process (scientific method/engineering research method), and be good with kids! Most people love judging and come back every year - it’s just that we’ve grown so much in the past few years that recruitment hasn’t kept up.

I would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word…and…judges don’t have to be grad students or faculty…could be DA’s, other staff, people folks know personally/professionally outside UNM, etc.

Thank you, in advance!

Karen M. Kinsman, MS
Director NWNM Regional Science & Engineering Fair
1 University of New Mexico
Onate Hall, Room 131 MSC 06 3580
Albuquerque, NM
505-277-4916 Phone
505-277-5592 Fax

The University of New Mexico
Department of Physics & Astronomy
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