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Kenkre named UNM’s 50th Annual Research Lecturer

2004-Jun-23—V.M. (Nitant) Kenkre, UNM professor of Physics and director of the Consortium of the Americas for Interdisciplinary Science, has been named UNM’s 50th Annual Research Lecturer, the highest honor the University of New Mexico can bestow on a faculty member. He will present a special lecture in spring 2005 at the Continuing Education Building auditorium (University Drive and Indian School Road).

Kenkre has authored more than 200 papers published in refereed journals as well as a monograph on Exciton Transport, and edited a book on Modern Challenges in Statistical Mechanics. His research areas include nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, solid state optics, materials science, and interdisciplinary science. Research achievements have included formalistic contributions to quantum transport theory and random-walk/master equation techniques, as well as work closely focused on experiments as in sensitized luminescence and exciton/electron dynamics in molecular solids. Recent work has concentrated on Bose-Einstein condensates, flow and stress distribution in sand, and the spread of infectious diseases. Kenkre was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society several years ago for his applications of generalized master equation techniques and his contributions to the understanding of transport in molecular systems.

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