Physics & Astronomy

Physics forms the basis of virtually all scientific and engineering undertakings. Physicists and astrophysicists investigate fundamental questions about the universe and our place in it because of an intrinsic interest in understanding how the world works, which leads ultimately to applications that benefit society.

An education in physics or astrophysics provides a solid basis of such knowledge and trains students in the analytical thinking that has always been unique to physicists.

The degrees offered provide an important step toward pursuing a career in many different areas, where an overlap with curiosity and wonder are essential.

Physics & Astronomy Faculty

1892 Marshall R. Gaines. A.M. Professor of Latin, Greek and Natural Sciences, 92-94.
1894 William A. Zimmer. Ph.C. Professor of Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Botany; 94-95; Professor of Natural History, 95-96; in charge of School of Pharmacy, 94-96.
1896 Randolph TinsleyRandolph W. Tinsley. Graduate of the University of Virginia. Professor of Natural Science, 96-98.
1898 Edward P. Childs. B.S., Denison University. Professor of Physics and Chemistry, 98-99; Dean of the College of Science, Literature and Arts, Director of Laboratories of Chemistry and Physics, and Professor of Physics and Mathematics, 99-02. Deceased October 21, 1951.
1902 Carl E. Magnussen. Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Mathematics, 02-03.
1903 Martin AngellMartin F. Angell. B.S. (02), M.A. (05), University of Wisconsin. Professor of Physics and Engineering, 03-04 and 05-08; Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, 08-13; Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, 09-13.
1904 Walter E. Rowe. B.S. Professor of Physics and Mathematics, 04-05.
1913 Vernon SuydamVernon A. Suydam. B.S., University of Wisconsin, 96. Supt. of Schools, Ripon, Wis., 04. Instructor, U., 09. Teaching Fellow, Princeton U., 10. Instructor, Princeton U., 12. Director Freshman and Sophomore Laboratories, 13. Ph. D., Princeton U., 13. Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, 13-14.
1914 Jesse BrennemanJesse L. Brenneman. B. S., University of Chicago, '08. Instructor in Physics and Physical Geography, Decatur, Ill. High School, '08-'09. Professor Physics and Applied Mathematics, Westminister College, Fulton, Mo., '09-'11. E. E., University of Wisconsin, '13. Employee in Testing Department of General Electric Co., Schnectady, N. Y., '12-'14. Associate Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico, '14-'15. Professor, 15-17.
1917 Ward L. Ray. A.B. (08), University of Oregon; A.M. (10), University of Wisconsin. Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, 17-18; Chairman of the College of Engineering, l7-18.
1918 Raymond Duhadway. A.B. (95), Delaware State College; A.M. (18), University of Chicago. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics, 18-19.
1918 Lawrence Edward McCarty. A.B. (17), A.M. in mathematics and physics (18), University of Texas. Professor of Physics, Acting Professor of Electrical Engineering, 18-19.
1919 George H. Bardsley. B.S., Grinnell; M.S., University of California. - Associate Professor of Physics, 19-20.
1920 Robert Spencer RockwoodRobert Spencer Rockwood. B.S., Denison University; M.S., Ph.D. (32), University of Michigan. Professor of Physics, 20-33. Deceased November 23, 1932.
1932 Everly-John WorkmanEverly-John Workman. B.S. (24), Whitman College; Ph.D. in physics (30), University of Virginia. Associate Professor, 32-42, Professor of Physics, 42-46; Head of the Department of Physics, 33-46.
Research: Thunderstorms, atmospheric electricity and precipitation, mechanisms, instrumentation. Deceased 1982.
1934 Francis Fleming Coleman. A.B. (29), Reed College; A.M. (31), University of California; Ph.D. in physics (33), Oxford University. Instructor in Physics, 34-36; Assistant Dean of Men, 35-36.
Research: Vapor pressure of metals, molecular velocity spectrometer.
1935 Robert HolzerRobert Edward Holzer. A.B. (26), Reed College; M.A. (28), Ph.D. in physics (30), University of California. From Instructor to Professor of Physics, 34-46.
Research: Atmospheric electricity; electrical structure of thunderstorms. Deceased May 19, 1994.
1941 Gene PelsorGene Thomas Pelsor. B.A. (35) Colorado College; M.S. (37), Ph.D. in physics (41), University of Oklahoma. Instructor in Physics, 41-45.
Research: Hydrodynamics, equation of state.
1941 Herschel Roy SnodgrassHerschel Roy Snodgrass. B.A. and M.S. (41), University of New Mexico; Ph.D. in physics (53), University of California, Berkeley. Assistant Professor of Physics, 41-45.
Research: Atmospheric electricity and optics, upper atmosphere instrumentation, meteorology, cosmic rays and solid state physics; superconductivity, geo-physical seismic prospecting. Deceased June 12, 1990.
1942 John Gustavson BreilandJohn Gustavson Breiland. A.B. (33), Luther College, Iowa; M.S. (34), University of Iowa; Ph.D. in meteorology (56), University of California, Los Angeles. Instructor to Associate Professor, 42-66; Professor, 66-70; Professor Emeritus of Physics, 70- ; Acting Chairman of the Department of Physics, 57-58 and 61-62.
Research: Synoptic meteorology, thunderstorms, atmospheric ozone. Deceased September 9, 1996.
1946 Norris NeresonNorris Nereson. B.A. (39), Concordia College, Minnesota; M.S. (41) University of Denver; Ph.D. in nuclear physics (43), Cornell University. Assistant Professor of Physics, 46-47; Research Associate, 48-49.
Research: Solid state physics and lasers, molecular spectroscopy. Deceased February 21, 2007.
1946 Victor H. RegenerVictor H. Regener. Dr.Ing. (38), University of Stuttgart. Associate Professor, 46-49, Professor, 49-57, Research Professor, 57-79, Professor Emeritus of Physics, 79- ; Chairman of the Department of Physics, 46-57, 62-79.
Research: Atmospheric ozone, cosmic radiation, zodiacal light, balloon and satellite experiments, optical studies of pulsars, electronics. Deceased January 20, 2006.
1947 Robert Elliott Street. B.S. (33), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; A.M. (34), Ph.D. in mathematics and physics (39), Harvard University. Associate Professor of Physics, 47-48.
Research: Numerical fluid mechanics.
1946 Richard John RungeRichard John Runge. B.S. (44), University of Chicago; M.S. (49), Ph.D. in physics (52), University of New Mexico. Instructor in Physics, 46-51; Research Associate and Assistant Professor of Physics, 51-53.
Research: Theoretical geophysics, electromagnetic theory.
1948 Stephen Sholom Friedland. B.A. (43), Brooklyn College; M.A. (47) University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. in physics (48), New York University. Assistant Professor of Physics, 48-49.
Research: Radioisotopes in medicine.
1948 Roy ThomasRoy Thomas. B.Sc. (38), University of Alberta; Ph.D. in physics (42), University of California, Berkeley. Associate Professor, 48-53; Professor, 53-80; Professor Emeritus of Physics, 80-.
Research: Theoretical problems in atomic physics. Deceased March 18, 2005.
1950 John GreenJohn Root Green. B.S. (41), M.S. and Ph.D. in physics (50), University of California, Berkeley. From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, 50-62; Professor, 62-81; Professor Emeritus of Physics, 81- ; Acting Chairman of the Department of Physics, 54-55.
Research: Cosmic radiation, extensive air showers, cloud chambers, scintillators, phase transformations and physical properties of plastic organic crystals. Deceased October 18, 2007.
1952 Alan W. Peterson. A.B. (51), University of California; M.S. (57), Ph.D. in physics (60), University of New Mexico. Research Associate in Astronomy, 52-54 and 60-61; Associate Professor of Astronomy, 67-75; Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 75-84.
Research: Zodiacal light photometry, thermal emission from interplanetary dust, infrared photometry, infrared airglow. Deceased June 6, 2009.
1953 Robert BrownRobert Reginald Brown. A.B. (44), Ph.D. in physics (52), University of California, Berkeley. Assistant Professor of Physics, 53-56.
Research: Cosmic ray time variations, auroral and ionospheric physics, geomagnetism. Deceased May 23, 2010.
1954 Norman T. Seaton. Ph.D. in physics (56), University of California, Berkeley. Assistant Professor of Physics, 54-55.
Research: Cosmic rays, instrumentation.
1956 Christopher LeavittChristopher Pratt Leavitt. B.S. (48), Ph.D. in physics (52), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, 56-65; Professor of Physics, 65- ; Acting Chairman of the Department of Physics, 58-60.
Research: Nuclear and high energy physics, cosmic rays, space physics.
1957 Donald SkabelundDonald E. Skabelund. B.S. (47), Utah State; Ph.D. in physics (56), University of Utah. Assistant Professor of Physics 57-64; Assistant Professor of History, 64-68; Associate Professor of History, 68-.
Research: Magneto-hydrodynamic waves, quantification in medieval science.
1960 Howard Carnes BryantHoward Carnes Bryant. B.A. (55), University of California, Berkeley; M.S. (57), Ph.D. in physics (61,); University of Michigan. From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, 60-71; Professor of Physics, 71-.
Research: Experimental particle and atomic physics, physical optics.
1961 Walter M. ElsasserWalter M. Elsasser. Ph.D. in physics (27), University of Gottingen. Professor of Physics, Chairman of the Department of Physics, 61-62.
Research: Theoretical physics. Deceased October 14, 1991.

Christopher Dean. A.B. (47), M.A. (49), Ph.D. in physics (52), Harvard University. Associate Professor, 63-68; Professor of Physics, 68-78.
Research: Radiofrequency spectroscopy, musical acoustics, satellite meteorology, high atmosphere. Deceased December 12, 1978.

1964 John Lee HowarthJohn Lee Howarth. B.A. (45), M.A. (48), Cambridge University; Ph.D. in physics (52), University of, London. Associate Professor of Physics', 64-69; Professor of Physics and Associate Professor of Radiology, 69-78; Director of General Honors and Undergraduate Seminar Programs, 71-78.
Research: Radiological physics, visual perception, innovative undergraduate education. Deceased February 22, 2011, at age 87.
1964 A. G. Davis PhilipA. G. Davis Philip. B.S. (51), Union College; M.S. (59), New Mexico State University; Ph.D. in astronomy (64), Case Institute of Technology. Assistant Professor of Physics, 64-66.
Research: Photometry, spectroscopy, galactic structure.
1965 David Solomon KingDavid Solomon King. B.A. (60), Manchester College; M.A. (64), Ph.D. in astrophysics (67) Indiana University. Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, 65-77; Professor of Astronomy, 77-99.
Research: Stellar interiors, theory of pulsating variable stars, nonlinear self-excited oscillations in stellar envelopes. Deceased August 25, 2013.
1966 Seymour Samuel AlpertSeymour Samuel Alpert. A.B. (53), Ph.D. in physics (62), University of California, Berkeley. From Assistant to Associate Professor 66-74; Professor of Physics, 74- .
Research: Laser light scattering, energetic modeling of the human body, optical spectroscopy of liquids, critical opalescence. Deceased March 11, 2014.
1966 Charles Leroy BeckelCharles Leroy Beckel. B.S. (48), University of Scranton; Ph.D. in physics (54), Johns Hopkins University. Associate professor, 66-69; Professor of Physics 69- ; Assistant Dean of the Graduate School, 71-72.
Research: Theoretical aspects of the structure of diatomic molecules, quantum mechanics, operations research, quantum biology, study of biomolecule conformation, electric field effects on biological cells. Deceased August 21, 2009, aged 81.
1966 Robert KochRobert Harry Koch. A.B. (51), M.A. (55), Ph.D. astronomy (59), University of Pennsylvania. Associate Professor of Astronomy, 66-67.
Research: Photoelectric photometry, polarimetry, visible band and ultraviolet spectroscopy, evolution of eclipsing variable stars. Deceased October 11, 2010.
1967 Philip M. Campbell. B.A. (58), M.S. (60), Ph.D. in physics (63), University of Colorado at Boulder. Assistant Professor of Physics, 67-69.
Research: Radiation transport, spherical galaxies.
1967 Charles HyderCharles Latif Hyder. B.S. (58), M.S. (60), University of New Mexico; Ph.D. in astrophysics (64), University of Colorado. Assistant Professor of Physics, 67-70; Lecturer, 70-76.
Research: The sun, quasi-stellar objects, global and local environmental impact of energy sources. Deceased June 8, 2004.
1973 Lois KieffaberLois Kieffaber. B.A. (62), Manchester College; M.S. (63) Columbia University; Ph.D. in physics (73), University of New Mexico. Lecturer and Research Engineer, 73-76; Assistant Professor of Physics, 77-83; Research Associate, 83-84.
Research: Zodiacal light, airglow.
1975 Joey B. Donahue. B.A. (68), M.A. (71), Ph.D. in physics (75), University of California, Irvine. Research Associate, 75-77; Research Assistant Professor of Physics, 77-78.
Research: Particle physics. Deceased: March 6, 2004.
1977 McAllister Hobart HullMcAllister Hobart Hull, Jr. B.S. (48), Ph.D. in physics (51), Yale University. Professor of Physics, 77- ; Provost of the University, 77-.
Research: nucleon scattering, analysis and tabulation of charged particle wave functions, interaction of radiation with matter, pion scattering, nuclear structure, planning and management in higher education. Deceased February 8, 2011.
1977 McAllister Hobart HullJohn Linsley. B.Phys. (47), Ph.D. in physics (52), University of Minnesota. Research Professor of Physics, 77-84.
Research: Origin and behavior of highest-energy cosmic rays by means of experimental and theoretical investigation of extensive air showers. Deceased September 22, 2002.
1980 Jack O'Neal Burns. B.S. (74) University of Massachusetts; M.A. (76), Ph.D. in astronomy (78), Indiana University. Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 80- .
Research: Study of radio galaxies at radio, optical and x-ray frequencies.
1980 Marlan O. Scully

Marlan Orvil Scully. B.S. (61), University of Wyoming; M.S. (63), Ph.D. in physics (65), Yale University. Distinguished Professor of Physics, 80- ; Director of the Center for Advanced Studies, 80- .
Research: Neutron and low temperature physics, laser physics, quantum statistical mechanics, solid state physics and quantum optics.

1980 James Graydon Small. B.S. (67), Ph.D. in physics (74), Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Associate Professor of Physics, 80- ; Associate Director of the Institute for Modern Optics, 80- .
Research: Applications of stable lasers, special relativity, aids for the blind.
1980 William C. Sweatt. B.S., M.S. (69), University of California, Davis; Ph.D. in optics (77), University of Arizona. Associate Professor of Physics, 80-83.
Research: Lasers, modern optics.
1982 James E. HarveyJames E. Harvey. A.B. (64), Kansas Wesleyan University; M.S. (66), Wayne State University; M.S. (75), Ph.D. in optical sciences (76), University of Arizona, Tucson. Part-time Adjunct Associate Professor, 81-82; Associate Professor and Research Associate Professor of Optics, 82-83.
Research: Optics, lasers.
1982 Kenneth JunglingKenneth C. Jungling. B.S. (59), Iowa State University; M.S. (64), Air Force Institute of Technology; Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (70), University of Illinois. Research Assistant Professor of Physics, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computing Engineering, 82-83.
Research: Lasers.
1982 John R. McNeil. B.S. (681, M.S.171), University of Texas, Austin. Research Assistant Professor of Physics, 82-83; Assistant Professor, 82-83, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 83- .
Research: thin films, gaseous discharge, lasers.
1984 Wilhelm BeckerWilhelm Becker. Dipl. Phys. (67), Dr. rer. nat. (69), Technical University of Munich. Research Associate Professor of Physics, 84- .
Research: Quantum optics.
1984 C. Robert Emigh. B.S. (42), University of Colorado; M.S. (47), Ph.D. in physics (51), University of Illinois. Part-time Professor of Physics, 84- .
Research: Experimental plasma physics, ion-transport, neutron sources.
1984 Wendy HagenWendy Hagen (Bauer). B.A. (71) Mount Holyoke College; M.S. (74), Ph.D. in astronomy (77), University of Hawaii. Visiting Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 84- .
Research: Circumstellar envelopes.
1984 David W. SteinhausDavid Walter Steinhaus. B.A. (41), Lake Forest College; Ph.D. in physics (52), The Johns Hopkins University. Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, 84- .
Research: Spectroscopy, lasers, astrophysical jets.
1984 Krzysztof WodkiewiczKrzysztof Wodkiewicz. PhD, University of Rochester (77). Research Professor.
Research: Theoretical quantum optics, statistical physics. Deceased 2008.
1987 Belva CampbellBelva Campbell. B.S. (79), Georgia State University; Ph.D. in astronomy (84), University of Arizona. Professor of Physics, 87-96.
Research: Optical, infrared and radio astronomy, multi-wave observations of the radiative and morphological properties of young stellar objects, star formation. Deceased January 6, 2014.
1989 Nebojsa DuricNebojsa Duric. PhD, University of Toronto, (84). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Cosmic-ray and high-energy astrophysics, extragalactic astronomy, galactic astronomy, radio astronomy. Adaptive optics and interferometry.
1994 Murray Gell-MannMurray Gell-Mann. B.S. Physics (48), Yale University, Ph.D. Physics (51), MIT. University Professor.
Research: Quarks, Current Algebra, Pions, Neutrino Masses, String Theory.
1995 Gary H. HerlingGary H. Herling. PhD, Yale University, (61). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Atomic physics, quantum optics, computational physics, particle/nuclear physics. Deceased July 18, 2016.
1995 Alan HurdAlan Hurd. PhD, University of Colorado, (81). Adjunct Professor.
1996 Edward FlynnEdward Flynn. PhD, UNM (65). Adjunct Professor
1996 Andrea PalounekAndrea Palounek, PhD, Duke University, (84). Adjunct Assistant Professor.
Research: Muon active interrogation.
1997 Roberto FonteRoberto Fonte, Ph.D. Physics Universita di Catania, (76). Adjunct Professor
1997 Galen GislerGalen Gisler. BS Physics and Astronomy, Yale (72), PhD Astrophysics Cambridge University (76). Adjunct Associate Professor.
Research: Fluids and violent physical processes in geology.
1999 Terry AselageTerrence Aselage, BS, Chemical Engineering University of Notre Dame (79), PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Florida (84). Adjunct Associate Professor.
2000 Andreas StintzAndreas Stintz. PhD, University of New Mexico, (93). Research Assistant Professor
2002 Stuart JefferiesStuart Jefferies. PhD, University of London (83). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Image Restoration Techniques, Asteroseismology, Signal Analysis
2002 Darryl SanchezDarryl Sanchez. PhD, University of New Mexico, (97). Research Associate Professor
2002 David TylerDavid Tyler. PhD, UNM (00). Adjunct Assistant Professor.
Research: Image Restoration Techniques, Asteroseismology, Signal Analysis
2003 Namir KassimNamir Kassim. Bsc Physics MIT (80), PhD, Astronomy, University of Maryland (87). Adjunct Professor
2003 Joyce Ann GuzikJoyce Ann Guzik. BA Physics, Math, Russian Studies, Cornell College (82), PhD Iowa State University (88). Adjunct Associate Professor.
Research: Nuclear weapons design and modeling; Stellar evolution and pulsation modeling, helioseismology, astroseismology, variable star observations.
2003 Dan HuangDan Huang. PhD, Physics, Fudan University in Shanghai, China, (90). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Space Vehicles Directorate
2003 Tara A Mowery, Adjunct Lecturer
2003 Imran YounusImran Younus. PhD, Syracuse University, (03). Research Assistant Professor
2004 Mark R AckermannMark R Ackermann. PhD, Optical Sciences, University of New Mexico, (02). Adjunct Professor
2004 Paul AlsingPaul Alsing, PhD, University of Arkansas, (91). Adjunct Associate Professor.
2004 Terrance Goldman. PhD, Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics, Harvard University, (73). Adjunct Professor
2004 Jan RakJan Rak. PhD, Charles University Prague, (86). Research Assistant Professor
2004 Stephen YoungerStephen Younger, BA Physics, The Catholic University of America (73), MS Physics, University of Maryland (65), PhD Physics, University of Maryland (78). President, National Security Technologies, LLC. Adjunct Research Professor
2004 W. Thomas WilliamsW. Thomas Williams. PhD, University of New Mexico, (01). Research Associate Professor
2005 Kristy DyerKristy Dyer, A.B. Art, Mount Holyoke College (93). PhD Physics, North Carolina State University, (01). Research Associate Professor.
Research: Thermal and Nonthermal Emission in Supernova Remnants.
2005 Steven Ray ElliottSteven Ray Elliott, BS Physics UNM (82), MS Physics, UC Irvine (84), PhD Physics UC Irvine (87). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics.
2005 Christopher FuchsChristopher Fuchs, BS Physics/Mathematics (87) University of Texas Austin, PhD Physics UNM (96). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Quantum information theory, communication and cryptography, foundations in the light of quantum information, and control and computation.
2005 JM GeremiaJ.M. Geremia. B.S., University of Delaware, (97). PhD, Princeton University, (01). Assistant Professor of Physics, 05-09.
Research: Quantum measurement and control. Experimental quantum optics and atomic physics. Laser trapping and cooling. Quantum limits to precision measurement. Quantum information science.
2006 Eli Ben-NaimEli Ben-Naim, PhD Physics, Boston University (94), Adjunct Professor.
Research: Statistical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Random Processes, Complex Systems.
2006 Sigrid CloseSigrid Close, PhD Astronomy, Boston University (04), Adjunct Assistant Professor.
Research: Meteoroid Detection, Modeling, and Characterization; Gravitational Physics and Hyperspectral Imaging, Atmospheric and Ionospheric Phenomenology.
2006 Gordon HagerGordon Hager. PhD, Washington State University, (73). Research Professor
2006 James Harrington, BS Math and Physics Duke University, (98); PhD. Physics Caltech (04), Adjunct Assistant Professor.
2006 Steven KochSteve Koch. PhD, Cornell University, (03).
Research: Experimental single-molecule biophysics: optical and magnetic tweezers, micro and nanofabricated devices for mechanical manipulation of biomolecules.
2007 Charles Arge, PhD, University of Delaware (97). Adjunct Associate Professor.
Research: Solar and Space Physics, Space Weather, Astrophysics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Teaching and Education, Public Enrichment through Physics and Astronomy, Amateur Astronomy.
2007 Gerd KundeGerd Kunde, PhD Physics, University Frankfort (94). Adjunct Professor
2007 Ilya NemenmanIlya Nemenman, BS Physics/Math, Santa Clara University (95), MS Physics San Francisco State University (97), PhD Physics Princeton University (00). Assistant Professor
Research: Theoretical biophysics, coarse-grained modeling in systems biology and neuroscience, information transduction in biological systems, learning and adaptation in molecular, neural, and evolutionary systems.
2007 Steven ValoneSteven Valone. PhD Theoretical Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (80). Adjunct Professor
2008 Pierre-Antoine MiyeliPierre-Antoine Miyeli, Affiliated Academic Colleague
2008 Daniel BoyeDaniel Boye, PhD Physics, University of Georgia (89), Adjunct Professor
Research: Non-linear optical properties of transition metal and rare earth ions; Phonon dynamics and energy transfer processes in insulating crystals and sol gel glasses; Optical coherent transients.
2008 Marcelo GomesMarcelo Gomes, Affiliated Academic Colleague
2008 Dean HinesDean C. Hines, BS Physics/Astrophysics, New Mexico Tech (85), MSc, Physics New Mexico Tech (87). PhD Astronomy University of Texas at Austin (94). Adjunct Associate Professor
Research: Active Galactic Nuclei, Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems, Astrophysical Dust.
2008 Mark Schmitt. PhD, University of California Los Angeles, (87). Adjunct Professor
2008 Gordon ZwartzGordon Zwartz, PhD University of Toronto (96). Adjunct Associate Professor
2009 Matthew LaneMatt Lane. PhD, University of Texas at Austin (05). Adjunct Lecturer III
Research: Physics and Materials Science.
2009 Jeff SaulJeff Saul. PhD, University of Maryland, (98). Lecturer III
Research: Physics Education: Implementing, adapting, and assessing the effectiveness of activity-based instruction in high school and undergraduate physics classes.
2009 James WernerJames Werner. BS Applied Physics, Cal Tech (92), MS (94), PhD Applied Physics (98), Cornell University. Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research: Biophysics, Instrument Development, Laser Spectroscopy, and Analytic and BioPhysical Applications of Single Molecule Detection by Laser Induced Fluorescence.
2010 Douglas HopeDouglas Hope. PhD, University of New Mexico (04). Research Assistant Professor
Research: The use of compressive sensing for space-object identification.
2010 Chris FryerChris L. Fryer. BA Mathematics/Astrophysics UC Berkeley (92), PhD Astrophysics, University of Arizona (96). Adjunct Research Associate Professor.
2010 Peter GoodwinPeter Marvin Goodwin. BS Physics Cal Tech (80); MS Applied Physics (84), PhD Applied Physics Cornell University (89)
Research: Single-molecule spectroscopy and high-resolution optical imaging, single-molecule imaging of cellulase activity on cellulose and single-molecule studies of riboswitch conformational dynamics.
2010 Daniel L. StickDaniel L. Stick. PhD, University of Michigan, (07). Adjunct National Laboratory Associate Professor
2011 Varsha DaniVarsha Dani. BS Mathematics Caltech (00), MA, PhD, Physics, UC Berkeley (06)
Research: Light-Matter Interactions at the nano length-scale and femto time-scale; Non-photonics and energy.
2011 Igor KuznetsovIgor Kuznetsov, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (05). Adjunct Assistant Professor
2011 Donna M. SiergiejDonna M. Siergiej. BA Chemistry Eisenhower College of the Rochester Institute of Technology (81), MS Physics, UNM (86), PhD Physics UNM (95).
2012 Franco GiulianiFranco Giuliani. PhD, Physics, Politecnico di Torino (Italia), (99). Research Assistant Professor
2012 Lee RickardLee Rickard. BS Physics, University of Miami (69), MS Astronomy and Astrophysics (72), PhD Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago (75). Research Professor
Research: Astrophysics, Remote Sensing, Sensors.
2012 J. Pace VanDevenderJ. Pace VanDevender. BA Physics, Vanderbilt University (69), MA Physics, Dartmouth College (71), PhD Plasma Physics, Imperial College of Science and Technology (74)
2012 Alexia Schulz. PhD, Harvard, (07). Adjunct Assistant Professor
2013 Matt EichenfieldMatt Eichenfield. BS Physics University of Las Vegas (04). MS Physics, (07), PhD Physics (10) Caltech
2013 Saleh Rahimi-KeshariSaleh Rahimi-Keshari. MS, University of Calgary, Canada, (10). Visiting Researcher
Research: Quantum process tomography, Decoherence and open quantum system
Keshav DaniKeshav M. Dani. BS Mathematics. CalTech (00). MA, PhD, Physics. UC Berkeley (06)
Research: Nano-photonics.
Ronald Ekkers. PhD, Australian National University (67). Affiliated Faculty
Raymond P. Engelke. PhD, UNM (71). Research Associate
Matthew GraceMatthew Grace. BS Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University (01). PhD, Princeton University, (07). Visiting Faculty
Research: Quantum control and quantum information sciences, decoherence management, mathematical methods and applications for solving physical problems.
Jack Katzenstein. PhD, Harvard University (49).
Charles A. Kelsey. PhD, Notre Dame University (62). Affiliated Faculty.

Ahmed LobadAhmed Lobad. PhD, University of Rochester, (97). Research Assistant Professor.
Research: Optics, Spectroscopy, Semiconductors, Lasers, Cell Biology, Genomics, Bio-informatics.

Roberto Magana. PhD, Pennsylvania State University, (84). Research Professor.
Research: Condensed matter physics.
Charles Robert Quick. PhD, University of Southern California, (79). Adjunct Professor
Donald S. Robb. PhD, UNM. Research Associate. Deceased 1988.
David SmithDavid Smith. PhD, University of Alabama - Huntsville, (96). Adjunct Professor.
Research: Nonlinear optics, laser physics, quantum optics, ultrafast optics.
William SutherlingWilliam Sutherling. Adjunct Professor MD, University of Virginia, (76).
Fred BegayFrederick Young also Fred Begay. BS Math/Science (61), MS Physics (63), PhD Physics (71), UNM. Research Associate. Deceased April 30, 2013
Leonard Zane. BS Physics City University of New York City College (65). PhD Physics, Duke University (70). Visiting Faculty