Domestic Applicants

Graduate Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for graduate study at the University of New Mexico, graduate applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

Have earned a relevant bachelor's degree.

Have earned a minimum of a 3.0 GPA  (on a U.S. 4.0 scale) or comparable grade point average in upper-division (junior and senior level) work and in any graduate work already completed.

Have earned satisfactory scores on both the General GRE and the subject test (Physics).

Have completed adequate subject preparation for your proposed graduate major:

M.S./Ph.D. in Physics (with concentrations in astrophysics, atomic physics, cosmic radiation, general relativity, infrared astronomy, high and intermediate energy physics, laser physics, medical physics, molecular physics, nonlinear optics, nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum optics, radio astronomy, scattering theory, solar energy physics, and space physics):

Assumed Undergraduate Preparation (and typical textbooks used) is as follows:
1 semester course in Thermo/Stat Mech (Reif; Stowe) 
2 semester courses in: Mechanics (Symon; Marion/Thornton)
                                           E & M (Reitz/Milford/Christy; Lorrain/Corson/Lorrain; Griffiths)
                                           Quantum Mech. (Liboff; Gasiorowicz; Goswami; Park)