The UNM Department of Physics and Astronomy hosted a Demonstration Show featuring live physics demonstrations at Regener Hall on Wednesday night, April 5, illustrating basic principles in mechanics, optics, and electricity and magnetism. Demonstrations included a giant Newton's Cradle, a vertical hovering bicycle wheel, and the Imploding Drum.

A great big "thank you" to students Ethan Sloan, Leif Nelson, Andrew Ybarea, Andrew Gibson. Braeden Fields, and Jesus Aguilar for practicing and putting on the evening's events. Staff member Hatem Babaa, and faculty members Wolfgang Rudolph, Paul Schwoebel, and David Dunlap assisted as well. Emeritus Professor Wolfgang Rudolph provided photos.

Demonstrating the Giant Newton's Cradle with an enthusiastic young audience member Demonstrating Conservation of Angular Momentum with a spinning bicycle wheel Flame Tube: Up to 9 standing waves can be illustrated. Lower frequencies causes fewer waves. The Van de Graaff generator makes static electricity visible in a hair-raising way Even these doughty audience members have no chance against the forces of atmospheric pressure, as demonstrated by the Magdeburg Sphere Two teams of audience member trying to pull apart the larger Magdeburg plates Society for Physics students put on the Spring Demo Show A 50 gallon blue metal barrel is crushed like a soda can from atmospheric pressure