2017 Physics Day

The 2017 Physics Day on Saturday, April 8 was UNM Physics and Astronomy Department's open house, research conference, and Society of Physics Students Zone 5 meeting, filled with oral and poster presentations by undergraduates from a range of universities. Also, there were tours of research labs and the Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC).

01 Veronica Dike Poster 02 Nik Huntoon poster 03 Christian Roberts Poster 04 Poster Session 05 Blackboard Learning 06 Prize Giveaway 07 Richard Rand congratulates Nik Huntoon 08 Wolfgang Rudolph introduces Arash Mafi 09 Arash Mafi delivers Keynote 10 Mafi Talk 11 Zach Castillo UNM 12 Patrick Brown UNM 13 Enthusiastic Audience 14 Samuel Montgomery NM Tech 15 Veronica Dike UNM 16 Lauren Zundel UNM