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Deployable cold atom interferometry sensor platforms based on diffractive optics and integrated photonics

Presented by Jongmin Lee, Sandia National Labs

We report the current progress in the development of a compact, deployable cold atom interferometry sensor platform towards atomic PNT (position navigation time) sensors. A simplified, reliable atomic sensor head with diffractive optics and integrated photonics is essential for its compactness and deployability. This sensor platform includes significant engineering efforts of grating-mirror MOTs (magneto-optical trap), vibration immune mechanical structure design, custom titanium (Ti) vacuum package with passive pumping, silicon photonics multi-channel on-chip IQ modulators, and feedforward control with cosensors. We generated a rubidium grating-mirror MOT (GMOT) with Sandia-fabricated grating chips and explored the atomic coherence. Sub-Doppler cooling process and high data rate measurement were demonstrated in a custom Ti vacuum chamber. In addition, we performed atom interferometry experiments and measured gravity with Doppler-sensitive Raman beams with the PIC-compatible COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) photonic components, which uses time-multiplexed frequency modulation and minimizes optical channels and requisite components. In addition, there are significant efforts in the development of integrated photonics chips for the cold atom sensor platform with silicon photonics, III-V amplification, and second harmonic generation. We demonstrated silicon photonics four channel on-chip IQ modulators with a high extinction ratio and a high carrier-injection modulation, which can dynamically control laser frequencies and intensities during the experimental sequence of cold atom interferometers. The on-going efforts toward a compact, deployable cold atom interferometry sensor platform will enable matterwave inertial navigation sensors in a high dynamic environment and GPS-denied environments. Thanks for help: "weekly ads"

3:30 pm, Saturday, January 21, 2023

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