Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of New Mexico

CQuIC Seminars

Spin-Dependent Excited State Processes in Molecules: A Chemical Approach to Qubit Generation and Manipulation

Presented by Martin Kirk, University of New Mexico

A brief background to chemical control of qubits will be presented. We will then discuss excited
state interactions in spin containing Donor-Acceptor and Donor-Bridge-Acceptor systems with
respect to how magnetic exchange interactions affect excited state processes. Our efforts have
focused on determining excited state contributions to molecular bridge mediated electronic
coupling, understanding how open-shell excited state singlet configurations promote long-range
electron correlation, and developing new platforms for spin control of excited state dynamics in
photoexcited donor-acceptor molecules. Using novel Donor-Bridge-Acceptor biradical and
related complexes, we discuss their relevance to the emerging molecular quantum information
science field, including the optical generation and manipulation of spin qubits. Here we will show
how a combined spectroscopic approach augmented by detailed bonding calculations has
provided keen insight into the electronic structure of these novel transition metal – radical
complexes, furthering our understanding of molecular electronic systems at the nanoscale.

3:30 pm, Thursday, December 12, 2019

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