Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of New Mexico

CQuIC Seminars

Topological error correction codes from a condensed matter perspective

Presented by Markus Kesselring, Free University of Berlin

On one hand, topological stabilizer codes are of great interest in the field of quantum information. There they are the prime contender to achieve fault-tolerance, the feat of performing quantum computational tasks despite noisy qubits and operations. On the other hand, they are phases of matter with intrinsic topological order and serve as toy models for the condensed matter community. In this talk, I will walk the bridge connecting the two fields by talking about two simple two-dimensional phases of matter / families of error correction codes -- the toric code and the color code. Starting on the condensed matter side, I'll introduce their anyon models and find their Lagrangian subgroups and symmetries. These data allow for an understanding of logical qubits encoded in boundaries and twist defects on the quantum information side. This deeper understanding leads to new quantum codes with favorable properties, such as stellated codes, as well as novel ways to perform logical gates, like the S-gate through corner-twist braiding in the surface code.

4:00 pm, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Room 190, Physics & Astronomy
Northeast corner of Lomas and Yale, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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