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Friday November 6, 2020
3:30 pm

 Presenter:  Jack Harris
Yale University
 Series:  Physics and Astronomy Colloquium
 Abstract:  Jack Harris is Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Yale University, and is also a member of the Yale Quantum Institute. He received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his Ph.D. from UCSB, where he developed ultrasensitive micromechanical sensors and used them to study quantum Hall systems in the group of David Awschalom. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard/MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms, where he worked with John Doyle and Wolfgang Ketterle on a cryogenic atom-trapping experiment. Since joining the Yale faculty in 2004, his group has developed novel approaches to the field of quantum optomechanics, including the “membrane-in-the-middle” device, and various means for combining high-finesse optical cavities with superfluid helium.
Research :

Professor Harris studies the quantum aspects of motion in macroscopic objects that combine mechanical, optical, and superfluid components. His group’s experiments use ultrasensitive force detectors to measure quantum fluctuations of objects that are visible to the naked eye. These experiments are also used to study novel topological features in the dynamics of coupled oscillators.
 Web Site:    https:/ / unm.zoom.us/ j/ 98382087634
 Host:  Ivan Deutsch
 File:  https://physics.yale.edu/people/jack-harris
 Location:  Zoom

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