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The nitrogen vacancy center in diamond: from exploring the dynamics of trapped charge to imaging individual magnetic nanoparticles

Thursday April 20, 2017
11:00 am

 Presenter:  Dr. Abdelghani Laraoui, CHTM-UNM
 Series:  OSE Seminars
 Abstract:  The negatively-charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) center in diamond is the focus of widespread attention for applications ranging from quantum information processing to nanoscale metrology such nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy [1] and thermal conductivity mapping [2]. Of interest in these applications is the manipulation of the NV charge state, which can be attained by optical excitation. In this talk I will discuss recent experimental results at CCNY on the dynamics of NV photo-ionization, charge diffusion, and trapping in nitrogen-rich diamond [3]. Using multi-color confocal microscopy, we uncover the formation of mesoscale patterns of trapped charge, which we qualitatively reproduce via a model of the interplay between photo-excited carriers and atomic defects. Further, by using the NV as a probe, we map the relative fraction of positively charged nitrogen on localized optical excitation. Finally, I will talk about my recent work at CHTM-UNM on using a layer of NVs (150 nm) doped in diamond thin film for imaging magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs). I will explore new strategies for high-sensitivity, parallel characterization and sorting of individual MNPs and apply them to outstanding challenges in biomedicine and data storage.

[1] P. Kehayias, A. Jarmola, N. Mosavian, I. Fescenko, F. M. Benito, A. Laraoui, J. Smits, L. Bougas, D. Budker, A. Neumann, S. R. J. Brueck, V. M. Acosta. arXiv:1701.01401, Nature Comms, under review.
[2] A. Laraoui, H. Aycock-Rizzo, X. Lu, Y. Gao, E. Riedo, C. A. Meriles Nature Comms 6, 8954 (2015).
[3] H. Jayakumar, J. Henshaw, S. Dhomkar, D. Pagliero, A. Laraoui, N.B. Manson, R. Albu, M.W. Doherty, C.A.. Meriles, Nature Comms 7, 12660 (2016).
 Location:  Room 103, Center for High Tech Materials

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