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Simulating recent solar coronal mass ejection (CME) events

Thursday February 23, 2012
2:00 pm

 Presenter:  Christina O. Lee
 Series:  Center for Astrophysics Research and Technologies Seminar Series
 Abstract:  Our society's infrastructure has become highly vulnerable to major space environment disturbances that are triggered by solar activity. During the progression toward the maximum period of the solar cycle, transients called coronal mass ejections (CMEs) travel through interplanetary space and disturb the geospace environment by producing strong geomagnetic storms that impact both space-based technology (e.g., telecommunication satellites) and ground-based systems (e.g., electrical power grids). Fortunately, the harmful effects on technological systems can potentially be mitigated through space weather forecasting. Increasingly sophisticated numerical solar wind models have been developed and tested over the past decade with some are now being used operationally for space weather forecasting purposes. One such model is the coupled Wang-Sheeley-Arge (WSA) Enlil solar corona-solar wind model. WSA-Enlil is the first large-scale, physics-based space weather prediction model to be transitioned from research into operations at the National Weather Service National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). In this presentation, I will discuss the methodology of modeling CME events using observations together with the WSA-Enlil model and show simulation results of recent CME events. A brief introduction to CMEs will also be presented.
 Host:  Gregory Taylor
 Location:  Room 190, Physics & Astronomy

Disability Notice Individuals with disabilities who need an auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in P&A events should contact Sandra Ortiz (phone: 505-277-5900, email: sportiz@unm.edu) well in advance to ensure your needs are accommodated. Event handouts can be provided in alternative accessible formats upon request. Please contact Ms. Ortiz if you need written information in an alternative format.