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4A - Thermal Properties of Matter

4B - Heat and the First Law

4C - Change of State

4D - Kinetic Theory

4E - Gas Law

4F - Entropy and the Second Law

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4A 10.10 - Thermometry
Demonstrates: Temperature measurement.
Description: Projection thermometer shows temperature variation between hot and cold water.
4A 10.20 - Galileo's Thermometer
Demonstrates: Temperature affecting various denisities of materials.
Description: A set of glass spheroid buoys of varying density in a glass cylinder arranged so the lowest floating ball represents the temperature. History and sources.
4A 20.10 - Water Thermometer
Demonstrates: Expansion due to rising temperature.
Description: An Erlenmeyer flask and extension tube filled with water that rises when heated.
4A 30.10 - Bi-metal Strip
Demonstrates: Expansion due to heat.
Description: A bimetal strip is heated and curls because one side expands more than the other. There is also a large (41") bimetal strip available for this demo but it gets heavy.
4A 30.20 - Balls and Rings
Demonstrates: Expansion due to heat.
Description: Ball & Rings. Heating the ring allows the ball to pass through it.
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