Modern Physics

7A - Quantum Effects

7B - Atomic Physics

7D - Nuclear Physics

7E - Elementary Particles

7F - Relativity

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7A 10.10 - Photoelectric Effect
Demonstrates: Electrons moved by UV light
Description: A zinc plate is charged with a plastic rod and fur then discharged with UV light.
7A 10.11 - Photoelectric Effect
Demonstrates: Electrons liberated by UV light.
Description: UV light is shone onto a zinc plate attached to an electroscope.
7A 60.05 - Field Emission Electron Microscope (FEEM)
Demonstrates: Field Emission Microscope, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanical Tunneling, Tunneling.
Description: The Field Emission Electron Microscope (FEEM) demonstrates quantum mechanical tunneling of electrons. The microscope was invented by Erwin Muller in 1936 [E. W. Muller. Z. Phys. 102, 734 (1936)]. The magnification of a typical FEEM is approximately 500,000X. Its resolution is about 20 Angstroms.
7A 60.10 - Electron Diffraction
Demonstrates: Diffraction pattern of electrons.
Description: The electron diffraction tube is a complete unit.
7A 60.15 - Deflection Tube
Demonstrates: Cathode rays and electron deflection.
Description: A steam of electrons can be deflected by an electromagnetic or electrostatic field.