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1A - Measurement

1C - Motion in One Dimension

1D - Motion in Two Dimensions

1E - Relative Motion

1F - Newton's First Law

1G - Newton's Second Law

1H - Newton's Third Law

1J - Statics of Rigid Bodies

1K - Applications of Newton's Laws

1L - Gravity

1M - Work and Energy

1N - Linear Momentum

1Q - Rotational Dynamics

1R - Properties of Matter

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1A 10.10 - Basic Units
Demonstrates: Basic units of mass, length and time.
Description: Shows basic units of mass, length and time.
1A 10.20 - Standards of Mass
Demonstrates: Different Mass Scales.
Description: 1 lb. = 2.2 kg. | 1 m. = 39.37 in.
1A 30.41 - Blackboard Sphere
Demonstrates: Non-Euclidean geometry.
Description: 24" black sphere with stand.
1A 30.42 - Blackboard Hypersphere
Demonstrates: Non-Euclidean Geometry.
Description: 24" black sphere with stand.
1A 40.10 - Components of a Vector
Demonstrates: x-y-z axes.
Description: 3 wooden rods perpendicular to eachother with a common connecting end.
1A 60.10 - Powers of Ten
Demonstrates: Scaling.
Description: 7 min. video covering scales from the universe to the sub-atomic.