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Fluid Mechanics

2A - Surface Tension

2B - Statics of Fluids

2C - Dynamics of Fluids

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2A 10.40 - Pulsed Water Spout
Demonstrates: Surface tension.
Description: Water is regularly pulsed out of spouts so, when viewed with a strobe light, the shape of the droplets are visible.
2A 10.50 - Soap Bubbles
2A 10.50 - Soap Bubbles
Demonstrates: Surface tension as a function of area.
Description: Various wire frames to dropped into soap solution.
2A 10.60 - Soap Bubble Tension
2A 10.60 - Soap Bubble Tension
Demonstrates: The tension of a soap film.
Description: A string in a metal wire frame is inserted into a soap solution, the area in the string is popped and the remaining soap film will pull the string into a circle.